How Carbon Facials Will Transform Your Skin

This summer, my new clinic has been crammed full with clients seeking all the latest aesthetic treatments. The aesthetics side of my business is really taking off and I’m so happy to be able to help people look and feel their best by using my treatments.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve recently added a fresh therapy to my portfolio in the form of Carbon Facials.

What Exactly Is A Carbon Facial?

Also known as Carbon Skin Rejuvenation, the Carbon Facial is a turbo-charged dermabrasion-style treatment. Some people describe it as a more sophisticated and gentler version of the laser peel. This is the treatment for you if you’re seeking fresher, younger-looking skin and a non-invasive therapy with immediate results. It’s also a good pre-prep if you’re thinking of trying mesotherapy.

What To Expect At Your Appointment

At the beginning of the process, I will apply a medium layer of high-energy carbon paste to the surface of your skin. A low-level heat is generated and a laser beam used, encouraging the paste to disperse and dead or damaged skin cells to absorb the carbon. Younger cells that lie deep beneath the surface of your skin remain untouched.

By removing the outer layer of dead skin, your skin will appear refreshed, revitalised and radiant. I am essentially resurfacing your skin for highly effective, long-term results. Carbon is used for its strong absorbing properties in tandem with the laser, meaning it deeply penetrates and stimulates pores with laser precision. The laser energy beam also works alongside a light vacuum that removes the carbon particles as it scans the face.

The treatment works beautifully to reduce large or dilated pores as the lining of the open pores reacts to the carbon paste. This results in tighter skin and improved texture even on tricky areas such as the nose. Many patients also find that the treatment removes blackheads, whiteheads and other minor imperfections.

The thermal effect of the heat stimulates collagen production for natural skin repair and restoration of elasticity. This makes it ideal for clients concerned about fine lines and wrinkles as the treatment reduces the appearance of deeper lines and ‘fills in’ wrinkles for a more even, more youthful skin tone.

Be Honest. Does It Hurt?

The beauty of such a cutting-edge treatment is that I use the best industry techniques for a pain-free process. Some clients report that it creates the same sensation as pins and needles while others say it feels a little ticklish!

Another bonus point is that there is absolutely no downtime with a carbon facial. You can resume normal activities as soon as your treatment is finished. I do suggest avoiding makeup and hot showers for a few hours after your treatment to ensure optimum results.

Short- or Long-Term Options

For many of my clients, the carbon facial is their secret weapon. Both men and women pop in a few days before a big work or social event for a fast route to glowing, firm and super-soft skin.

You can also enjoy a series of monthly treatments over a suggested minimum period of six months. In this case, skin is stimulated towards new collagen regeneration over a longer period of time to enhance the effect of the process.

Am I Suitable for this Treatment?

It’s more than likely that you are! The vast majority of people are totally suitable. I hold a free one-on-one consultation with all my clients before any treatment where I will conduct a full health assessment and identify any barriers to the procedure. I will also use a skin patch test when I believe it is necessary to ensure there will be no hostile reaction to treatment.


If you’d like to book for a carbon facial do contact me today.