Mesotherapy: all your questions answered

If you’re searching for a way to slow doing the ageing process and get wonderful, youthful-looking skin with the minimum of fuss, mesotherapy may just be the treatment for you.

Natural beauty

So what makes this therapy so fantastic? At centre stage, we have the magical active ingredient – Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Favoured by the beauty elite and often used in the highest quality skincare products, HA occurs naturally in the skin and is extremely effective at fighting the signs of ageing. It’s practically bursting with incredible vitamin-style qualities that encourage the rejuvenation of your skin for a glowing appearance.

The brand I use for the procedure, Hyalual®, has its own signature mesotherapy process called redermalisation. I use a series of micro-injections to inject the skin on the face, neck and décolletage. All of the active ingredients involved are entirely natural, including minerals, nutrients and vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Mesotherapy works by encouraging circulation to drive out toxins and delay the signs of ageing. The body’s production of HA naturally reduces in frequency as we grow older, so this treatment is highly effective at repairing, refreshing and restoring the skin.

If you’re afraid of needles, don’t worry! The needles I use are very delicate, the process is totally non-invasive and most patients only feel a slight pricking sensation. My products are also bio-compatible and hypo-allergenic, proving friendly to very sensitive skin. If you do experience discomfort, there are ways to help.

Relax and rejuvenate

Facial mesotherapy is a procedure that’s been used in aesthetic medicine for quite a few years. With scientifically proven benefits, it’s the method chosen by many highly respected permanent makeup artists and dermatologists. Its direct injection methodology makes it an efficient, effective process – as the skin receives the nutrients and minerals without any interruptions.

The active HA ingredient deeply moisturises, hydrates and nourishes the skin. It encourages a supple, firm texture and stronger tone and colour thanks to the improved blood micro-circulation. It also lifts the skin by stimulating cell rejuvenation to reduce the depth and length of fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. It particularly targets areas such around the breasts and neck, where signs of ageing are more prominent.

Redermalisation also works to reduce pigmentation, imperfections and signs of fatigue, as well as prevent premature ageing and photoaging – which occurs if you’ve been exposed to sun rays, either natural or through sunbeds. It works with both mature and younger skin to stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin for a smoother appearance.

Smooth operator

In line with this classic, simple procedure, there are very few conditions that prevent a client undergoing mesotherapy. By using a hypo-allergenic formula, I avoid any issues of clients suffering allergies to any of the ingredients. I will always advise at our pre-treatment consultation if there are any adverse circumstances that I believe will affect your therapy, such as a skin disorder or infection.

At your consultation, we’ll also discuss how many treatments you will need as this often depends on the individual. For most cases, I’d recommend three treatments at fortnightly intervals, followed by monthly top-ups. A great way to boost the effectiveness of the treatment is by drinking lots of water afterwards to encourage the body to flush out toxins. I also advise my patients to avoid sun exposure immediately after treatment, if this is possible.

Side effects are rare – some patients might experience mild bruising, redness or swelling immediately after treatment, but these will fade and subside within a few days. What a small price to pay for younger, healthier and brighter-looking skin!

If I’ve tempted you enough to find out more – and I really cannot recommend mesotherapy enough – then give me a call today or drop me an email to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

I look forward to speaking with you.