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3 Last Minute Treatments To Squeeze In Before Your Holiday

3 Last Minute Treatments To Squeeze In Before Your Holiday 1000 664 Helen Taylor Aesthetics


It’s the summer holidays, and schools wrap up for six weeks very shortly. Maybe you are going to be jetting off on a plane somewhere, or perhaps you’ll be pitching that tent, going camping. Whatever you choose to do this summer, you’ll enjoy it more if you feel confident.

So, today, I have put together the 3 last minute treatments that YOU can squeeze in before your holiday so that you get that summer ready skin!


This facial will address any issues that your skin may be having and will leave you with a glow that is to die for. Summer ready skin is yours when you enjoy the Hydrafacial.

Whether you need your skin calming, balancing hydrating or plumping – the Hydrafacial is a firm favourite with clients, because it does as it says it will and the results are instant.

When to book in for one? Ideally the week before your holiday, or before then if you want to book a course of them.

How long will it take? As little as 30 mins if you opt for the express treatment.  

How much will it cost? You can get your first Hydrafacial for as little as £60.83 when you pay by Gocardless. Email us to find out more.


The CO2 facial is a new treatment at the clinic and is a form of CARBOXY THERAPY.

A gel like mask is applied to the skin, and then a paper mask is applied over the top of it and gentle pressure is applied. You’ll start to hear a lovely and satisfying fizzing sound, This shows you that your skin is being flooded with CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and your skin is being plumped, tightened, lifted and refreshed from the inside.

Summer ready skin will be instant when you treat yourself to this cutting edge facial.

Clients who have had this report that they cannot believe the results, their skin looks and feels smoother!

When to book in for one? Ideally the week before your holiday.

How long does the treatment take?

How much does it cost? Book in during July with Chloe or Katherine and get it for £99 (Usually £150) 

  1. 3D LIPO.

3D Lipo is great to look and feel slimmer, right before your holiday, with an immediate improvement in the area treated and inch loss that will become visible in the weeks that follow the treatment. Using technology that offers several kinds of methods, from fat freezing, to fat melting and dissolving, how your body will be treated depends upon the size of the area being treated and the kind of fat that it being worked on.

3D Lipo is extremely popular with celebrities and Gemma Collins of TOWIE has recently lost TWO STONE using 3D Lipo.

When to book in for one? A couple of weeks before your holiday is fine as you will see an instant difference and tightening of the area. However, a course of sessions will provide bigger inch loss and we recommend one treatment per week for 8 sessions.

How long does the treatment take? 60 minutes.

How much does it cost? This depends on the area(s) being treated – please contact us for further details. 

So, as you can see, there are still some things that you can do, even if you are having a last minute panic about not feeling too confident before you go on holiday. All you need to do is take ACTION.

Email us at or call us on 0800 690 6871 and book your appointment now.

We look forward to treating you and hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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When Beth had her first Taylormade treatment

When Beth had her first Taylormade treatment 2000 1334 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Dry skin transformed into glowing!

Hello everyone, it’s me, Helen, and this week I wanted to share a video with you.

The video is of my lovely client Beth, who came in to see us at the Clinic the other week for her very first Taylormade treatment.

Taylormade treatments are available in the clinic and are designed to address your own unique skin concerns, helping you to look good and feel good in just around an hour! As you will see from this video, Beth was extremely happy with her treatment – her skin was positively glowing!

Beth’s main concern was that she has very dry skin –  and as a result of that finds it difficult to achieve a flawless look with her makeup.

Having recently reached the age of 40, Beth has decided that she wants to start treating her skin regularly. As anyone with dry skin knows, replenishing your skin’s natural moisture levels can seem to be a little bit challenging.

Beth herself admitted that she does not drink enough fluids, so naturally I advised her to increase her water intake. I then performed a Taylormade treatment that focus on intense hydration.

Before any treatment, removing makeup is the first step and this is not the same as cleansing.

I began Beth’s treatment by removing all traces of makeup, with a makeup remover. This is NOT the same as cleansing and after makeup is removed, I then treated Beth to a deep cleansing treatment to get her skin sparkling. 

I RECOMMEND: Using a makeup remover at home (all skin types) BEFORE cleansing so that your cleanser can then work properly where it is needed – on your skin.

Next came the Taylormade treatment…

Now you may be wondering ‘what exactly IS a Taylormade treatment and the answer is fairly simple – there is no clear cut answer to what defines this because we create a custom treatment that best suits YOU.

Beth’s treatment included two ‘treats’ of Carbon (to add hydration back into her skin) and oxygen (to rebalance and plump up her skin).

She also had a deep cleansing treatment using a handheld device that literally sucks the superficial dirt and debris from her skin. Once she was squeaky clean, Chloe applied a light peel, to brighten Beth’s skin and introduce a natural glow.

After the peel Beth had a deep extraction performed, to remove any excess sebum, or blackheads, and then Chloe treated her skin to an infusion of antioxidants, followed by some red light therapy, which left Beth feeling revived, relaxed and amazing.

So what is the future for the Taylormade treatment – and how can you get one?

The treatment will evolve continuously depending on what your skin requires at the given time of your appointment. You may need to be treated for dry skin but then they next time that we see you it could be for an outbreak.

As you will see in the video that I shared last week. I recently calmed down Chloe’s outbreak with a Taylormade treatment. If you missed that, you can see it here.

We would recommend that you contact us and let us know what your personal skin concerns are, so that we can then have a chat with you about how we would treat it. But again, this could of course change, depending on what we literally ‘see’ when you arrive at the clinic.

Booking a consultation is the best route to get started with your first Taylormade treatment and you can do that by completing the form here.

Or, why not simply book an appointment, and we can perform a completely unique and bespoke treatment for you, that will leave your skin looking gorgeous and you feeling happy!.

Call us on :  0800 690 6871 or send an email to

As always, it’s been a pleasure to talk to you and I look very much forward to witnessing the outstanding results that the Taylormade treatment will provide for you.

Until the next time, don’t forget that YOU are unique – there is only one of you, and only you have the skin that you are living in .. so treat yourself (and your complexion) accordingly.

I look forward to hearing from you, take care,

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How to visibly reduce acne in 1 week – skin clear with Taylormade

How to visibly reduce acne in 1 week – skin clear with Taylormade 450 300 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

How to visibly reduce acne in one week – 7 day skin clear with Taylormade’s Helen and Chloe. #acneawareness.

Hello, it’s Helen and in this weeks blog post, I wanted to share a video with you, where Chloe and I talk about adult acne and skin outbreaks – and I give practical advice on what you can do about it.

Acne (and outbreaks) are not exclusive to younger people. They can happen in your 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s!

It’s a common misconception that acne and outbreaks occur in the teenage years and early twenties. However, women (and men of course) in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s can also experience outbreaks. One common trigger for what we call ‘adult acne’, is a rise and fall in hormones, particularly for women who are peri menopausal or going through the menopause.

I often get women of these age groups coming to me, quite distressed about things because they thought that they’d left those days behind them. So, if YOU are currently struggling with outbreaks or adult acne, know that you really are not alone with this…. Cameron Diaz is in her 40’s and still struggles with her acne…. And there is something that we can do about it.

A gentle and calming approach is the best way to soothe an outbreak.

I can remember when I was a teenager, and the over the counter spot products used to be really, really unforgiving. Ingredients used to strip the skin of moisture, which would only exacerbate the problem.

Harsh spot creams and alcohol based cleansers, are not the way to treat the problem. A much gentler approach is necessary, as your skin is already confused and over-reacting. As you can see in the video, when Chloe came to me for advice, she was struggling with an outbreak …

I treated Chloe’s skin with a Taylormade treatment, consisting of all natural ingredients which are also vegan friendly. I started with a peel, which removed any build up of dead skin cells that may be contributing to the problem and then treated Chloe’s skin to a calming mask (mixed up by myself so that it was specifically Taylormade for Chloe’s skin) that contained honey.

This allowed the fresh skin that was revealed after the peel, to be instantly hydrated (moisture is important in balancing an upset skin), and soothed, and Chloe said that it felt amazing.

Almost as soon as we took the mask off, I could already see a visible difference in Chloe’s skin – we had calmed things down dramatically and so next we spoke about maintenance.

Once you have calmed the outbreak, it’s time to think about maintenance.

I gave Chloe my taylormade spot serum which she went home and applied diligently. I also gave her some of my soon to be released products that helped balance her skin in a gentle way and I asked her to track her results for me. As you can see from the photographs, Chloe’s skin was virtually clear by the time the week was up.

Once Chloe’s skin was completely clear, I started her off on a skincare routine that would keep things balanced. One thing to note here, is that the products or treatments that you use during the outbreak, aren’t what you will use once things have cleared.

Your skin needs are constantly changing (depending on stress levels, hormones, diet, the weather), so your skincare products should be reflective of this.

If YOU are experiencing an outbreak we can help. Get in touch.

So, if you are enduring the physical and emotional effects of outbreaks or acne, and would like to calm things down like Chloe did, then feel free to contact us. You can book in for a similar Taylormade treatment (specifically created for your skin type) or there are other options available, from skin peels to the Hydrafacial.

Book your consultation here and let’s get your skin sorted for you.

I look forward to helping you, take care

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body confidence

The Taylormade guide to inside out body confidence.

The Taylormade guide to inside out body confidence. 1024 700 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

How to feel more confident about your body – and learn to accept it… daily.

Hello everyone, it’s Helen and today I wanted to write a post about body confidence and how to not only like, maybe even love, but CELEBRATE your body in exactly the way that it is in this moment.

Life is so short, cliche I know, but actually, one fact that we can all be sure of. And so many of us spend so much of our lifetime, criticizing and moaning about the current ‘state’ of our bodies.

I get asked a lot by my clients, how I manage to feel good about my body, and I tell them that I too have my down days, of course I do, I am only human. But I made an active choice one day, to get up and show up and to like myself – daily.

You see, body confidence and confidence in general, is nothing more than a mindset.

Yes, there are tweaks and things that we can do to look better on the outside, but have you ever seen those stories, of people who spend a fortune on surgery only to still FEEL unhappy?

So, today, I thought that I would share with you, MY viewpoint on body confidence, and how YOU can begin to cultivate it.  Which leads me to my first point, which is that confidence, is an inside out job – and you need to work at it daily.

Confidence is an inside out job – and you need to work on it daily.

Confidence isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us. It is an inside out job, and it is something that we need to cultivate on a daily basis. Have you ever met a woman who just seems to ooze confidence and you wonder ‘does she EVER have a down day?’ or is she just naturally blessed like that?

Chances are, she knows that she has to put in the mindset work, every day, and has made the active choice at some point in her life, to accept and LOVE her body.

Challenge: Every morning when you get up, make an active choice to look in the mirror, and regardless of any lumps, bumps, scars and wrinkles, say out loud to yourself ‘I bloody love my body!’. Have a little dance, make this fun, laugh, be light hearted about this. Jiggle that belly, wobble those breasts, and thank the Universe that you made it though to another day!

Your body is going to change so you’ve got to learn to accept that.

Have you ever had an image in your head, about how you want to look, and it’s like you put all of your time and energy into focusing on that, and then when you get there, something else has gone a bit skewiff, and you suddenly switch your focus onto that thing?

It’s like a lifelong game of ‘chase the perfect body’. Thing is ladies, your body is going to change, on a daily basis it changes, and there is not much that we can do about it. Well….. I smile there of course, because there ARE things that we can do about it, but even the best aesthetic treatments in the world cannot STOP the ageing process.

So at some point, hard as it may feel, we have to simply make a choice one day (and today is as good a day as any) to say ‘okay, this body is only here for a certain period, so I am going to hug it, and love it, and make the most of it, and celebrate every line, and every wrinkle – because those make your body bespoke and unique!

Make sure that the inside and the outside are on the same wavelength.

Aesthetic treatments are brilliant because they can help you stay looking (and feeling) like YOU – for longer. I would not be running my Clinic if I did not understand the power of this. However – I also refuse to treat women who come to me with such severe confidence issues (or even body dysmorphia) that they hope that an aesthetic procedure will be THE answer for them.

YES it can help you feel good. YES I wholly stand by. BUT – you need to also be working on the INSIDE, and if your insides don’t match your outside, then it’s just a matter of time before you crumble.

Therefore, I am on a mission to spread the word to women, about the importance of self care, YOU time #justforyou, and looking after their mindset in general. I feel that this element has been lacking in the aesthetics industry for some time now, and it’s my DUTY to try and correct this.

As you may have seen, I recently launched my first book titled ‘Your Best Kept Secret’, and I am also in the process of redefining my treatment process. This is because I want things to become more bespoke. I want you to connect to YOU again, and this requires something that goes far deeper than something aesthetic. But when combine aesthetics with a confident mindset – my God, absolutely ANYTHING is possible!

Helen’s final thoughts….

Body confidence, and confidence in general is a mindset and only YOU can choose to create it. So, let me know over on Facebook what your thoughts are on this, and know that I have some really exciting things coming in the pipeline to help us all work on body confidence!

As always, I’d love for you to come and chat to us, over on our Facebook Page, and if you’d like to come in and talk to me about any areas on your body where that you’d like to work on aesthetically, please book a consultation with me, or feel free to send me a message here.

What I will say though, is that be warned – just as I love and adore helping women to like what they see on the outside, as a side effect of working with me, you will also learn to yourself on the inside. Sorry, I can’t help it! It’s just all part and parcel of all that is Taylormade.

Until the next time, have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are doing, and remember – go dance in front of that mirror and shout ‘I bloody love this body!’.

Take Care,

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Permanent Cosmetics Eyebrows

3 ways that Eyebrows can change your life.

3 ways that Eyebrows can change your life. 1280 681 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

How permanent cosmetics can be life changing, by Helen Taylor.

Hello, it’s Helen and today I wanted to talk about the 3 ways that I believe that enhancing your eyebrows can change your life.

There are different methods to achieve the optimum brow shape. Permanent cosmetics can be used on the eye area (brows and liner) and also on the lip area. Whether you know it as microblading, semi permanent makeup or even permanent makeup, one thing is for sure – the effects that permanent cosmetics and great looking eyebrows has on the women who come to see me– are  life changing.  Here’s why:

You look like your best self – daily.

You wake up to make up and look like your best self, daily. Let’s be honest, most of us prefer the way that we look when we are wearing makeup.

Now, you can wake up, looking and feeling like the best version of you, and what’s more, you look the same, daily.

If you have ever spent hours trying to recreate yesterday’s perfect eyebrow look you will understand what I am saying here. Permanent cosmetics can take the daily worry out of great looking eyebrows.

You save time and that’s priceless.

Who doesn’t want to save time in the morning, when getting ready? How much time a woman spends on applying her brows for example, in the morning, can naturally vary greatly – but I have worked with women who are exasperated and riddled with anxiety, because they get up at something like 4 in the morning, to meticulously apply their eyebrows. Just gaining that extra time in bed, and finding themselves free of the mental load, can honestly be totally life changing!

You can look (and feel) like yourself again if ill health has got the better of you.

Ill health, such as vitamin deficiencies, thyroid conditions, and treatments such as chemotherapy, can mean that hair loss can occur for some women, and this can obviously affect their confidence. If this has been the case for you, then having for example, your eyebrows enhanced can mean that you feel like you are taking back the control again, and this is really powerful.

It may seem like a cosmetic enhancement procedure, but for some, taking this step when they are undergoing chemotherapy, can mean that they develop a fighting spirit, that puts them back in the driver’s seat and helps towards fighting cancer.

Whatever it is that has you considering a treatment with myself or the team, we would be more than happy to welcome you into the clinic. To find out more about the treatments that we offer, head here.

And don’t forget to keep up to date with our daily posts over on facebook

Until the next time, have a wonderful weekend, and I will speak to you next week, feel free to send us a message or call us on: 0800 690 6871 if you have any questions about permanent cosmetics or any treatments on our treatment menu (which you can download here).

Take Care,

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Radio Frequency

Sagging skin getting the better of you? Here are my top solutions.

Sagging skin getting the better of you? Here are my top solutions. 1280 853 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Hello, it’s Helen, and today I wanted to talk to you about…. Saggy skin. Urgh.

Don’t you just hate it? It’s a part of life, I know that – but it still doesn’t feel great does it, when you look in the mirror one day and notice bingo wings, and a turkey neck, or perhaps loose sagging skin around your tummy after dramatic weight loss.

So, as summer is ever increasingly catching up with us, today I wanted to talk about sagging skin (on the face and the body) and give you my best tips on what to do about it.  Are you ready? Then let’s get on with it.

Let’s talk about sagging skin on your body.

Sagging skin can appear just about anywhere on your body, and it can be to do with the natural ageing process, or after pregnancy or weight loss.

Common areas where sagging skin can be present include: bingo wings, tummy, thighs, turkey neck and on your bottom. But before you have a major panic attack, don’t worry, there ARE things that we can do about it. Here is a rundown:

Tummy, arms, bum, legs: You can tighten and lift these areas using something called radio frequency which our 3D Lipo machine provides. If excess weight is also an issue it would be advisable to first use fat freezing or cavitation on your area to kill the fat cells and then radiofrequency would tighten it.

Neck and chin: You can use radio frequency on these areas, or something called HiFU (high intense focused ultrasound), which will tone, tighten and lift a sagging chin, neck and jowl area.

Plasma: Plasma Blast also works great on tightening skin and works wonders on the neck, and jowl area, giving a real lift which looks natural and is long lasting.

Let’s talk about sagging skin on your face.

Facial sagging can be a dead give away about a woman’s age, so you want to keep on top of it as soon as you start to notice. Maintenance is key. Here is what we can do for loose and sagging skin in the facial area.

Plasma: Plasma Blast will tighten and lift areas such as the upper and lower eyelids, the sides of your face, the forehead, and can also be used on your neck area and the jowl area, to give an overall ‘facelift’ effect. The results can last between 2-5 years and the best part is that no surgery is required.

Radio frequency: Radio frequency can be used to tighten loose skin and give an overall toned look to your face and neck. Many celebs attribute radio frequency for being responsible for their ageless appearance. Jennifer Aniston and Kylie Minogue to name a few.

PDO Threads: Threads can lift your skin with results comparable to that of a surgeon but without the actual surgery or intense downtime. If you have seen Vicky’s Vlog you will know all about how amazing the results from threads can be and if you are yet to see it, catch up with Vicky 7 days post lift here.

So there we have it – there are many solutions to sagging skin on both the face and body, but the best course of action would be to book in for your free consultation with me and from there, I will be able to tell you exactly which treatment would best suit YOU.

Book your consultation here.

I hope you have a great rest of your week, whatever you are doing, until the next time, stay happy, stay safe and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup can be life changing – and here’s why.

Permanent Makeup can be life changing – and here’s why. 2000 1333 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Think it’s all about looking pretty? Think again. Here is why permanent makeup can be a godsend.

Hello, it’s me, Helen, and after a whirlwind week since the launch of my Taylormade skincare products and my book ‘Your Best Kept Secret’, I’m getting back into the swing of things, here over at the Helen Taylor Clinic

The other day I was talking to a client, about the life changing effects of permanent eyebrows, and as we have had several requests about the procedure this week, I thought that I would write this blog post.

If you have seen any of my other posts, about the positive benefits of getting permanent makeup (lips, eyebrows, eyeliner), then you will know already that I highly rate this procedure. But it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘save time, and wake up to makeup’ side of it, so today I wanted to talk about a different side to things.

Permanent makeup can help someone who has been diagnosed with cancer to feel like they’re taking the power back.

I am often contacted by ladies who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, who ask me ‘Helen, is there any way that you can give me some eyebrows, as I don’t think I can handle losing them when I have to start chemo’.

My answer – is yes. Of course, if you are already undergoing chemo, then it’s not a safe procedure for you. But if you are newly diagnosed, getting permanent makeup can give you a sense of control, at a time where everything is spiralling. It can also help you feel better about your appearance when you wake up in the morning, and the more confidence that a woman has during a time when she is fighting cancer – the better!

It can help women with thyroid conditions feel confident again.

An underactive thyroid can mean a thinning of the eyebrows (and hair all over the body). Permanent makeup can add volume to thinning brows, for anyone who is living with a thyroid condition. A sluggish thyroid can make a massive impact on a woman’s physical appearance – weight gain, thin sparse eyebrows, and thinning hair in general, can really knock a person’s confidence.

With anxiety and depression also going hand in hand with this, the last thing you want is for the you that you see in the mirror to get you down too isn’t it?

It can help with asymmetry of the facial features.

If your lips are thin, or your eyebrows are different shapes and sizes, then permanent makeup can be a real confidence booster. It can make asymmetrical features appear…. Symmetrical! What can be a real bother for one person, may not even be visible to another – but if it is something that bothers YOU when you get up and look in the mirror, then it might be time to address things.

So – there you have it!  Permanent makeup can be confidence enhancing, reconstructive, and life changing. If you have any of these issues going on for you and you would like to speak to me in confidence about it, then book a free consultation or email me.


You can find out more about permanent makeup here.

Until the next time, have a lovely bank holiday weekend and I will speak to you soon,

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Helen Taylor Launch Event. May 16th 2019. Draycote Hotel, Rugby.

Helen Taylor Launch Event. May 16th 2019. Draycote Hotel, Rugby. 1890 1890 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to talk about last nights launch event, which took place at the Draycote Hotel in Rugby. It was the launch of my skincare products ‘Taylormade’ and my first book, ‘Your best kept secret’.

Well, where do I even begin? To say that it was an emotional evening for me is a bit of an understatement. Even though I got all of this done really quickly (around three months, I think?) it still felt like waiting for the launch event, seemed to go on forever.

As we approached the evening, I felt a mixture of emotions, from excited to nervous and I had moments where I thought ‘wow, I can’t believe that I have done all of this!’ to ‘what the hell am I doing?’.

When it came to the moment where Richard made the introduction and I walked into the function room – I honestly felt so overwhelmed to see all of your familiar faces there.

But once I started talking, all of the nerves and all of that worry, suddenly just seemed to leave me. Here I was, talking about my products, to a wonderful bunch of people who I class as my Taylormade family. What on earth was there to be nervous about?

The highlights of the event:

Again, where to start, as there were SO many, but I think that the biggest highlight for myself, was actually SEEING people touching and feeling my products.

Seeing what had started out as a concept being something that people were talking about. It made me realise, that cheesy as this may sound – dreams really can and do come true for people, and that if you put your mind to something your really CAN achieve it.

I also felt honoured to have such a wonderful team around me, and there at the event to support me. I still pinch myself sometimes, at how the right people, the right ideas, everything just seemed to come together all at once, so quickly!

The launch of Taylormade:

The event wasn’t just about the launch of my products, it was about the launch of Taylormade. I have always referred to my brand and my ethos as being Taylormade and all about ‘YOU’. But recently, when I started to create my products, something clicked on a deeper level. I realised that I want to change my entire approach to treatments and how we operate in the Clinic.

And so as we move forwards, with the new Taylormade branding, I plan to offer time slots that allow you to come and see me, for some bespoke unique YOU time.

I will take a look at what is going on with your skin, and there on the spot, I will make an assessment of what needs treating for you.

I can then provide you with a mixture of ‘treatments’ that work on all of the little areas that you want enhancing. This is where aesthetics moves from being ‘one size fits all’ to truly ‘Taylormade’ and from that first session onwards, you then just come back and see me as and when you want something ‘enhancing’.

One thing’s for sure as I reflect upon the launch evening – I have so many plans in the pipeline, so much that I want to bring to you, my clients – because I have never been one to just settle. I don’t want to just ‘fit in’ to this industry. I want to be a game changer, and I want YOU to be who is the focus, not just the treatments – because the magic happens when the two come together and something Taylormade is created.

Today, I am sitting at the Clinic, wrapping by hand, the books that are being sent out to people. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it! If you didn’t get your copy and would like to treat yourself to one, you can get it by clicking here.

Until the next time, have a great day and please raise a glass to Taylormade!

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P.s if you were at the event, don’t forget to share your photos on social media using the hashtags: #taylormade #justforme and #yourbestkeptsecret.


3 things you probably don’t know about fillers

3 things you probably don’t know about fillers 2000 1280 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Hello, it’s Helen and today I wanted to talk to you about fillers. I think fillers are great because today they give a look that’s natural and make a great addition to the ‘tool kit’ in the war on anti ageing. Here are three things about fillers that you most likely don’t know.

Did you know that…

1. They stimulate collagen production.

This means that your skin looks fab, even when the fillers start to dissolve (which they do naturally over a period of time).  Your body produces collagen as a reaction to the filler material being added into your skin, and many people often find that even when their fillers have dissolved, the areas that they have had treated look better than they did before they had fillers.

This production of collagen can mean that the longer that someone continues to have fillers, the less they feel they need at each sitting, and the time between top ups may then vary greatly.

2. They can be made using your own blood plasma.

Here at the Helen Taylor Clinic we use something called Biofil. It’s a very exciting development in the field of dermal fillers, because it takes a sample of your own blood, and uses the plasma extracted from that, to use as the ‘filler material’. This means that you are simply replacing lost volume with something that was already in you.

Biofil is totally natural, and great for Vegans. The results given are extremely natural looking and I’d say that the results from Biofil seem to last longer than regular Hyaluronic Acid based fillers.

3. They can be taylormade to suit your needs.

Gone are the days where fillers would give you that ‘pillow face’ look that the media often talk about. Todays fillers are made of natural substances, Hyaluronic Acid for one , that our body produces but we lose as we age.

I like to see a client and address their individual needs before prescribing fillers, because this means that we can assess exactly where they are needed in order to get the best result. For example, you may come to see me wanting ‘tear trough fillers’, but I recommend some under the eye area, and some in the cheek area to support this.

As your face ‘sags’ and ages, fillers can be used to ‘support’ your skin’s structure and so a little here and a little there, is often the best approach when it comes to fillers.

My aim is to always leave you feeling like YOU again, and we work our way up together, building the volume as we go, as this means that YOU are in control of the look that you are going for.

So, there you have it, in conclusion I would say that…

Fillers are a great anti ageing habit to develop when the time is right for you because when done correctly, and if started at the right time, they will preserve your skin’s structure and foundation – having little but often ‘tweakments’ with fillers can mean that you remain looking and feeling like YOU for much longer.

If you’d like to find out more about the fillers that we offer here at the Clinic, head here: find out more.

And why not book a free consultation so that I can assess your own needs and we can talk about where would be best for you to start with fillers. Or anything else for that matter!

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3 reasons that permanent makeup is a total game changer

3 reasons that permanent makeup is a total game changer 2000 1443 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Hello, it’s Helen and today, I wanted to talk about permanent makeup.

Now I don’t know about you, but my time is really precious. Whether I am at home or in the Clinic, I value every minute of it. I am constantly looking for ways to manage my time for effectively, and so as you can imagine, I don’t like spending longer than I need to when it comes to applying makeup.

One of the biggest game changers that I’ve found that has made a difference to MY life, and also to hundreds of clients – is permanent makeup.

With permanent makeup applied beautifully, I can get up and go, and just ENJOY my day. I absolutely LOVE permanent makeup and here are 3 reasons why permanent makeup is a total game changer

1.   You save time. And life is short. Who doesn’t want that?

In many ways, saving time is the main reason as to why lots of us choose to get permanent makeup applied. Because life is busy, and spending time at the mirror attempting to create that perfect brow quite frankly stresses us!

I’ve worked with clients who would spend literally hours applying their makeup, maybe YOU are one of them. When they have reported back to me about how they have found things since having their treatment, the answer is always that it’s life changing.

I’ve had women contact me,  in particular after getting permanent eyebrows done, to tell me that they save hours a day as they no longer stress about applying their eyebrows!

2. You look better on the outside.

Have you ever stood and drawn your eyebrows on, only to wipe them off 5 minutes later? How annoying is that? Permanent eyebrows is the most requested form of permanent makeup at the Clinic and really will put a stop to that.

Getting permanent makeup means that you can skip that process and ‘get up and go’, knowing that you look just as good in the morning as when you did when you went to bed

Professionally applied permanent makeup is a form of artistry and the results are outstanding. When I work with a client, I like to make sure that I don’t class it as a ‘job complete’ until I have achieved perfection.  Take permanent eyebrows for example – every single little hair is ‘created’ which leaves  a very natural looking browline. You can’t achieve results like that with makeup

3. You feel better on the inside.

Getting permanent makeup can honestly be life changing. Clients have reported back to me that they feel like a weight has been lifted! It’s so easy to become obsessed about your makeup, always checking in the mirror to see if it still looks perfect, setting the alarm clock to get up at a ridiculous time in the morning, and going into a mild panic at the thought of actually staying out overnight anywhere.

Waking up to makeup can give you freedom, and that in itself is priceless.

So, if you have been thinking about trying permanent makeup, but would like to know a little bit more about it, why not get comfortable and have a read of the information here.

And if you already know that it’s what you’re looking for, but want to come in and discuss it, then book your free consultation here.

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