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Say Hello to the Treatment That Can Improve Urinary Urgency

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Urinary urgency or incontinence is believed – according to the NHS – to affect millions of people. From stress incontinence (when urine leaks out when you cough or laugh) to urge incontinence (when urine leaks as you feel a sudden urge to pass urine), to overflow incontinence and total incontinence, there are multiple strains of the condition.

Each can prove a hindrance to the patients we see, with overflow incontinence meaning they’re unable to fully empty their bladder (resulting in frequent leaking) and total incontinence resulting in them having to pass urine constantly.

If you’re affected by any of the above, there’s something you can do…say hello to the HIFU vaginal machine, which can improve urinary urgency and incontinence. It can also be beneficial for your love life, offering increased sensitivity and lubrication, as well as an improvement to the appearance of your intimate area.

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and it can help if childbirth or menopause have caused otherwise-irreversible changes to the health of your vagina.

One of our clients – a parent to three children – found that she was constantly running to the loo. So, she visited us with the hope of us helping her urinary urgency issue – and we can report that she is more than satisfied with the outcome.

How does vaginal tightening work?

Utilising a non-invasive, ultrasonic technique which focuses on the mucosal lamina and the muscle layer, the system works to reorganise the collagen ‘down below’, ensuring the normal tissue outside of the focal region is left undamaged. During the process, vaginal tightening is achieved, and a happy client is the outcome.

Reducing infection by improving the health of your vagina, it’s a painless, non-invasive treatment which takes less than half an hour. There’s no downtime and no effect on fertility, either.

What do I need to do post-treatment?

So, you’ve visited our clinic for the treatment and you will, of course, receive thorough instructions regarding what to do when you leave our premises.

You’ll be pleased to discover special care won’t be needed; just a normal clean of your intimate area. There may be slight swelling of the vagina following the treatment, but this is nothing to worry about and it generally subsides within five hours.

You may notice a few small spots of blood in your underwear, too, but this will generally disappear within a few days or weeks.

Want to learn more about HIFU vaginal tightening?

If you have some more questions about this treatment, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Alternatively, book in for a no-obligation consultation and you’ll receive answers to all your queries in-person.

Dear Helen – PDO Threads

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Dear Helen – Eyebrows – Part 3 – Brows & Cancer

Dear Helen – Eyebrows – Part 3 – Brows & Cancer 864 618 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

The latest episode of Dear Helen is here. This week we deal with a very delicate question from Lucy….

“I have just been looking through some of your photos of some of the eyebrows you have done I have just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I’m waiting for a date to start treatment obviously with me being so young losing my lashes and eyebrows are a big worry to me. Just wondering if you have had anyone in a similar position and if the Microblading would be any good for me?
Thanks Lucy, from Oxford x”

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Dear Helen – Plasma Blast

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Dear Helen – Kayleigh – What to do when brows go wrong?

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Hello everyone,
Here is Kayleigh’s story.. please take a look.
So pleased to have met Kayleigh.
Congratulations on your wedding 👰🏻🎩🎊
Helen x

“I previously had my brows tattooed by a ‘professional’ local to my home, I carried out so much research on her and certainly didn’t go for the cheapest option with her however from the minute I left her salon I regretted my decision. I suffered a horse riding accident when I was 18 with left my face disfigured and unsymmetrical which is one of the reasons I originally wanted my brows tattooed I was sick of levelling things up with brow pencils and it running or smudging in the heat. After I visited her I was left with unsymmetrical brows that over time turned blue and were the wrong shape for face, not only did they look terrible it had such an impact on my confidence. I searched high and low for a clinic that offers correctional work or removal. After sending photos, most clinics came back to me to say that there was anything that could be done and I would need several sessions of laser removal as they were so blue and deep. However Helen answered my prayers and recommended that I have a consultation with her so that she could see them in the flesh. It was agreed that they were terrible; Helen didn’t hold back and said exactly what was wrong with them. Helen advised that it would be a long and possibly painful process but would do her best to work with them. I am due to get married this Saturday (9th Sept) and I really wanted perfect brows in time for my big day so I could look back at my photos and like what I seen, previously I would avoid photos at all costs. Laser removal started very soon after my consultation and not going to lie it wasn’t a pleasant experience, my face swelled like Quasimodo, the day after I looked like the twin sister of Hitch from the film and I really worried I had done the wrong thing however this only lasted a couple of days, I followed the instructions Helen gave me religiously and for the next laser session I had hardly any affects afterwards, and the next one was completely pain free and no after affects. All this worry and discomfort was so worth it when I visited Helen for the 5th time at the beginning of August to have my new brows put on. Wow what a difference, not only to my face but to my confidence and the way I feel about myself. Helen you are truly amazing and extremely talented professional that I would highly recommend to anyone I come across that is wanting semi-permanent make up. My brows are so close to perfect now you have worked with them, and I have no doubt after my top up session in a few weeks they will be even better than perfect. You really don’t understand the difference you have made; I can smile on my wedding photos this weekend and have every reason to smile. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to treat me and putting up with all the daft questions and panic messages throughout the process. xxx” – Kayleigh’s Facebook Review