Helen Taylor Aesthetics Advent – Christmas Promotion

Helen Taylor Aesthetics Advent – Christmas Promotion 1920 1080 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

This December we have a fantastic Christmas Advent Calendar promotion taking place on our facebook page.

From the 1st to the 24th of December we will have a different offer every day.

These offers will only be available to 3 lucky people, and the offer will only be revealed on the day.

Every day at 12 noon we will post the offer on our Facebook Page. It will look like this….

How do you get a chance to claim one of these exciting offers you ask? Well, all you need to do is follow us on Facebook and be in the first 3 to comment on the relevant offer.

It’s that simple, so join us on facebook this festive season and make sure you’re checking our page regularly.

The small print:
You must be over 25 years of age. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with our finance products. You must book your appointment for January or February 2018. Dermal fillers are not included in this promotion. A deposit must be paid to secure the booking of your appointment.

Dear Helen – Eyebrows – Part 3 – Brows & Cancer

Dear Helen – Eyebrows – Part 3 – Brows & Cancer 864 618 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

The latest episode of Dear Helen is here. This week we deal with a very delicate question from Lucy….

“I have just been looking through some of your photos of some of the eyebrows you have done I have just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I’m waiting for a date to start treatment obviously with me being so young losing my lashes and eyebrows are a big worry to me. Just wondering if you have had anyone in a similar position and if the Microblading would be any good for me?
Thanks Lucy, from Oxford x”

Please get in touch if you have a question for Helen.

Dear Helen Part 2 – Eyebrows & Microblading

Dear Helen Part 2 – Eyebrows & Microblading 864 618 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

The latest episode of Dear Helen is here, this week we cover the following….

Do you remove hair before having brows done?
Hi Helen, I have very little hair on my eyebrows (overplucking era!!) can I still have semi-permanent eyebrows?
What do you mean by semi-permanent?


Dear Helen – Kayleigh – What to do when brows go wrong?

Dear Helen – Kayleigh – What to do when brows go wrong? 1280 960 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Hello everyone,
Here is Kayleigh’s story.. please take a look.
So pleased to have met Kayleigh.
Congratulations on your wedding 👰🏻🎩🎊
Helen x

“I previously had my brows tattooed by a ‘professional’ local to my home, I carried out so much research on her and certainly didn’t go for the cheapest option with her however from the minute I left her salon I regretted my decision. I suffered a horse riding accident when I was 18 with left my face disfigured and unsymmetrical which is one of the reasons I originally wanted my brows tattooed I was sick of levelling things up with brow pencils and it running or smudging in the heat. After I visited her I was left with unsymmetrical brows that over time turned blue and were the wrong shape for face, not only did they look terrible it had such an impact on my confidence. I searched high and low for a clinic that offers correctional work or removal. After sending photos, most clinics came back to me to say that there was anything that could be done and I would need several sessions of laser removal as they were so blue and deep. However Helen answered my prayers and recommended that I have a consultation with her so that she could see them in the flesh. It was agreed that they were terrible; Helen didn’t hold back and said exactly what was wrong with them. Helen advised that it would be a long and possibly painful process but would do her best to work with them. I am due to get married this Saturday (9th Sept) and I really wanted perfect brows in time for my big day so I could look back at my photos and like what I seen, previously I would avoid photos at all costs. Laser removal started very soon after my consultation and not going to lie it wasn’t a pleasant experience, my face swelled like Quasimodo, the day after I looked like the twin sister of Hitch from the film and I really worried I had done the wrong thing however this only lasted a couple of days, I followed the instructions Helen gave me religiously and for the next laser session I had hardly any affects afterwards, and the next one was completely pain free and no after affects. All this worry and discomfort was so worth it when I visited Helen for the 5th time at the beginning of August to have my new brows put on. Wow what a difference, not only to my face but to my confidence and the way I feel about myself. Helen you are truly amazing and extremely talented professional that I would highly recommend to anyone I come across that is wanting semi-permanent make up. My brows are so close to perfect now you have worked with them, and I have no doubt after my top up session in a few weeks they will be even better than perfect. You really don’t understand the difference you have made; I can smile on my wedding photos this weekend and have every reason to smile. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to treat me and putting up with all the daft questions and panic messages throughout the process. xxx” – Kayleigh’s Facebook Review

Dear Helen Part 1 – Eyebrows & Microblading

Dear Helen Part 1 – Eyebrows & Microblading 864 618 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Our fabulous Dear Helen series has begun, please check-out our videos……


Eyebrows & Microblading


Four beauty secrets the experts won’t share with you…

Four beauty secrets the experts won’t share with you… 960 960 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Victoria Beckham recently said that there are two types of women. There are those who share their beauty secrets, and there are those who keep their knowledge all to themselves.

I fall directly into the first category, as I’m a firm believer in making sure everyone I know looks and feels their very best.

On that note, here’s my rundown of the very best aesthetic treatments that you can take advantage of right now – whether you want to hide blemishes, conceal scars, combat signs of ageing or simply enhance your natural beauty in all its glory.


1) Cryo Facial: the 4-Minute Miracle

cyro facial The Cryo Facial is my secret anti-ageing weapon. Using a special tool called a CryoWand, I spray an ice-cold high-pressure jet flow of carbon dioxide onto your skin. The series of concentrated active ingredients work to blast away visible signs of ageing for a bright and youthful glow.

Wrinkles and fine lines will be less visible and the cold impact will encourage the flow of collagen and stimulate the skin to lift, rejuvenate and firm things up. The wand is specially designed to precisely target areas such as the forehead, brows and neck where many of my clients usually first see the signs of ageing.

The entire procedure is totally painless and it takes under five minutes with no downtime or side effects! You’ll see results immediately and effects last for four months or more. Many of my clients comment how the procedure is totally relaxing and akin to a revitalising facial massage! It’s a bit of a well-kept secret at the moment.

2) Mesotherapy: your Skin’s New Best Friend

mesotherapyForgive me if I sound a little science-y for a minute but it’s well worth it. Mesotherapy is a revolutionary vitamin-based skin treatment that involves injecting Hyaluronic Acid into the skin to promote skin health, encourage repair and slow down the signs of ageing.

Hyaluronic Acid is renowned for its anti-ageing properties but its molecules are too large to be absorbed in cream form. That’s what makes mesotherapy and this direct injection route so effective. My clients love how this treatment gives a youthful glow and improved skin colour and texture as mesotherapy improves blood microcirculation. Vitamins are so important to keep our bodies healthy, and vitamins for the skin are just as important. You’ll look fresher and your friends and family just won’t be able to put their finger on why!


3) Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner: Eye Eye Captain!

permanent eyelinerEyes are one of our most defining features but the process of applying makeup every morning and finding the perfect products to enhance your features can prove taxing – and time-consuming.

Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner genuinely changed my life! This treatment adds depth and definition to the eye area, and there are options available to suit all tastes. Perhaps you prefer a natural look and a soft, subtle line? Or maybe you like to make a statement with a bold, dramatic style. Either way, permanent cosmetic eyeliner will enhance either the upper or lower eyeline, or both.

This treatment is especially popular with clients whose eyes water in the cold winter weather or bright summer light. It’s also ideal for those with allergies to over-the-counter makeup who need an effective, permanent solution. And fitness fans who swim or go to the gym a lot. My treatments ensure smudge-proof, professional-look makeup that will enhance the colour of your eyes and dramatically improve definition. You’ll wish you’d had it done earlier. And the best thing is, no one knows until you tell them what you’ve had done.

4) Microblading: The Ultimate in Brow Beauty

eyebrows before and afterThe UK eyebrow industry is worth millions and the average woman spends hundreds of pounds every year in the quest to achieve the perfect brow. Microblading is an extremely straightforward, popular eyebrow resurrection treatment with outstanding results. Also known as eyebrow embroidery for its fine, intricate results, I use a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the skin to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows. Pigments are matched to your exact eyebrow colour, making this ideal for those with sparse brows who wish for a fuller appearance that still looks entirely natural and works with your facial features. Again, my work is subtle and all it means is you’ll never have to fill in your brows in the morning. You’ll look instantly more preened and ‘together’ without anyone knowing what’s changed.


So that’s my rundown of some of the very best beauty secrets in my Little Black Beauty Book.

If you’d like a FREE initial consultation to discuss any concerns and answer any questions, I would love to set up a time. Just give me a call or drop me an email. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Don’t forget: I have plenty more secrets in my clinic too. Just book a FREE consultation and have a chat about how I can help you look and feel your very best.

Friends and Eyebrows – A Dilemma!

Friends and Eyebrows – A Dilemma! 150 150 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Is Honesty The Best Policy?

There are many issues that surround our friendships and some make-or-break questions to which we are never quite sure of the right answer.

Under the theme of ‘I wish someone had told me years ago,’ I wanted to discuss in this blog whether you should tell someone if they’re making a ‘beauty mistake’ and there’s vast room for improvement – or whether you should just keep quiet.

Teenage problems

When I was in school, one of the girls in our friendship group had really bad body odour. We were only about 13 and it was a bit like a problem that would come up in a Judy Blume novel. As we debated whether we should tell her about it, we tried to come up with some other analogies to test the theory. If you had spinach stuck in your teeth, would you want someone to tell you? And how should you phrase it so as not to hurt your friend’s feelings? If you’re one with the embarrassing problem, is it your friend’s responsibility to let you know?

I would say yes. Honesty is always the best way and if a friend is a true friend, you will want them to always look and feel their best.

Do you agree?

The beauty issue

But while spinach in the teeth and bad smells are much more ‘obvious’ problems, when somebody has bad eyebrows it can be a little more tricky. People’s looks are very personal, and often wrapped up within sensitive issues such as self-esteem and self-worth.

Suggesting to a friend that their eyebrows could do with a reshape is potentially a contentious topic.

They may respond with ‘But I like the way my brows look’ or even ‘What’s wrong with them?’ People are stuck in their ways and most of us will have had the same makeup and beauty routine for months or years. Having someone disrupt this with a simple, well-intentioned comment could be upsetting.

The thing is, it’s so worth it.

I know that my friends and I would appreciate being told if we had eyebrows that could be hugely improved. Yes, it might be a bit embarrassing and we would probably automatically go on the defensive at the time – but it won’t harm strong, solid friendships. In fact if they think calmly. most people will have respect for their friends for being honest.

If I tried on a dress that wasn’t flattering made me look big, I’d want an honest opinion from my friend and it’s the same with beauty.

Confidence and the right decision

There are reasons that we all have different talents and strengths – some of us are experts at writing, some at sales and some in beauty.

We can’t be expected to be perfect in every part of our lives and everyone needs a bit of help – and deserves a bit of a pampering session – every now and then.

I know my strengths and one of these is to create beautiful brows to frame and complement everyone’s individual face shape and features. I’ve lost count of the number of clients I’ve had who are surprised by just how great their eyebrows look after a treatment – and how much it has had a positive impact on their self confidence.

“I wish someone had told me years ago!” is a common exclamation

Brows are such an essential facial feature that will lift your face and complement your natural beauty. My treatments give clients perfectly groomed brows with exquisite definition that will induce bags of confidence through a more youthful, symmetrical appearance.

Sometimes my clients have confided in me that they had issues with their appearance but didn’t realise that it was their brows that were the problem. They confessed that they felt so much more beautiful after their treatment, and that’s something to be proud of.

At the end of the day, telling a friend how they can look even more beautiful is a positive action filled with good intentions.

Achieving the perfect eyebrow shape, colour and tone is a tricky part of any beauty treatment and having a little help to look absolutely fabulous from the moment you wake up can only be a good thing.

If that’s not a self-esteem booster, I don’t know what is!

I’d love to know what you think.

Would you want to know if your brows were bad? Or would you rather be left to get on with it alone?

Understanding how to enhance your face shape with the perfect eyebrows

Understanding how to enhance your face shape with the perfect eyebrows 150 150 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

When it comes to beauty, I believe that eyebrows are the most important facial feature.

Perfectly shaped and defined brows will enhance your most attractive features and lift your face, opening it up and balance your features in perfect symmetry.

But while eyebrows are so essential to completing a groomed appearance, they are also one of the most difficult features to get right, as we all have different face shapes that suit different styles of brow.

With every shape there will be a certain best look that I will aim to fulfil when designing the eyebrow.

Read on for my rundown of the most common face shapes and the best brow styles for you…
Square up

Those with square faces, such as Angelina Jolie, tend to have strong, angular features with sharp angles. For these types, it is best to have bolder, thicker brows. These will blend into the face instead of standing out against it, making a classic, unfussy statement. I would keep the arch of the brow subtle in order to balance and soften a strong jawline. Brows should never be too round in order to avoid too dramatic a statement – a soft, rounded arch will do the trick with a neat looking brow to naturally enhance the curves of the face.

Oh lovely oval

For those with an oval-shaped face, consider yourself lucky! Those with oval face shapes, such as Jessica Alba, will naturally have more facial symmetry and proportion than others, meaning that a variety of brow shapes and sizes will suit them. The oval is generally acknowledged as being the most naturally beautiful face shape, so I would shape brows along their natural lines, curves and contours. I might also introduce a soft arch and slight angle to the brows.
Round round

Those with round faces should go for a brow with a high arch in order to elongate and flatter their features. The high arch, sharp angles and precise definition will help to soften the round face to create the coveted oval shape, whilst the angle and arch will give shape and height. Many of my clients find that a high arch brow creates a more prominent bone structure by adding the edges that are missing. I have also had comments about how this style of brow makes the face appear thinner by creating a smooth vertical flow.

Why the long face?

Surely the most famous example of the long face is Sarah Jessica Parker, who also happens to have a fantastic set of eyebrows. She adopts the look that is most flattering for those with longer faces – flat, straight brows with a low arch. This opens up and enhances the horizontal facial features so that attention is drawn across the face instead of in a vertical direction. I would also extend the end – or ‘tail’ – of the brows beyond the corner of the eye (more so than in the case of other face shapes) to encourage attention across the face instead of down.

I Heart You

With the heart-shaped face, famous figures such as Reese Witherspoon have shown how the right brows will enhance the natural femininity of this shape. For these types, I would create a medium, round arch to balance a pointy chin and wide forehead. A rounded tail and thinner brow will also complement this face, as it will balance out the typically small jaw line. The perfect brows on the heart-shaped face will enhance the natural aesthetic, creating a heart that comes to a point at the chin.
Shine on like a diamond

The diamond face shape (think Nicole Kidman) is a typically angular one, with wide cheeks and a narrow hairline. On diamond faces, I would use a curved brow to reduce the ‘impact’ of any angles with just a slight arch to complement the diamond shape.

What’s your face shape?

Maybe you’re not sure what face shape you have, or how you’d like your eyebrows to look.

If you would like to discuss anything about your face shape, please do get in touch.

I offer free initial consultations to all potential clients and would love to have a chat with you to answer any questions you might have and determine the perfect eyebrow shape and style for you.


Celebrities and permanent makeup: the A-listers who love permanent cosmetics

Celebrities and permanent makeup: the A-listers who love permanent cosmetics 639 360 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

The entire concept of semi-permanent and permanent makeup is based around the fact that we can enhance our natural beauty and our best features using easy, pain-free methods for long-lasting results.

Celebrities are probably more than familiar than many of us with just how much makeup can help us look and feel fantastic and boost our confidence.

Who wants to be papped while running errands with no makeup on and end up on the front page of a trashy magazine, after all?

Permanent options can also be a great money saver, helping to save the precious pennies we spend on over-the-counter cosmetics by investing in more reliable, long-term choices.

We’ve brought together some of the most beautiful, well-groomed women in the celebrity world who also happen to be devotees of permanent cosmetics, specifically eyebrow treatments.

Taking inspiration from some of the greatest beauty icons of our time, these ladies show just how you can enhance your own appearance with a little help from some permanent makeup.


Foxy followers

Permanent eyebrows are one of the most popular treatments for both A-listers and us non-celebrity folk.

Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features, enhancing our best bits and adding shape, definition and symmetry to the face. Eyebrows with a defined shape and arch will frame your face beautifully – it’s no wonder that celebrities are loyal followers to the trend.

Actress Megan Fox boasts a pair of strong, powerful brows that are among the shape most frequently requested by my clients and across the wider makeup sphere.

They are totally symmetrical with a neat, strong and natural arch that enhances the colour and shape of her eyes, and the shape of her face as a whole.

Her brows are a great example of how shape can be used to define expression and mood. This is a real statement look, which makes for a beautiful impact.

Reality therapy

Everyone’s favourite reality star, Kim Kardashian, is also a lover of permanent brows. She goes for a thick, sculpted look with her brows, adding radiance, lifting her face and enhancing her incredible bone structure.

Her brows are also fairly angular, which is a look that works for many individuals who wish to enhance their eyes. While the brows are strong, they fit with her strong features for a subtle and totally polished look.

The full brow is currently very fashionable but I always consult individually with clients to ensure that the look they wish to go for will suit their particular features.

While many of my clients might wish to emulate Kim K’s brows, these will only work for those with a defined bone structure and very symmetrical face, as otherwise it may look artificial, so I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.

On the other side of the reality TV pond, The Only Way is Essex star Lucy Mecklenburgh is also a fan of the permanent brow.

Lucy has opted for the hairstroke brow technique, which I choose for my clients who wish to convey a natural, understated look.

This technique gives the image of a fuller brow and can help to enhance or tone down particular features and create the illusion of, for example, a narrower nose or draw attention away from a sharp jaw.

Get the celebrity look

Nicole Scherzinger, Eva Mendes and Rihanna are more A-list beauties who have plumped for permanent brows.

Rihanna shows off a less dramatic arch with a medium-sized curve that creates a toned down version of the statement look and is another popular choice for many clients.

Her brows also show how permanent options can enhance shape and structure and bring back the illusion of hair lost through illness or by a bad tweezing job.

Our chosen celebrities demonstrate the different ways that we can experiment with permanent makeup to enhance our natural features.

For more details on how I can help you achieve your dream eyebrows, get in touch today!

The benefits of semi permanent make-up for those suffering from hair loss

The benefits of semi permanent make-up for those suffering from hair loss 150 150 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

In my job, I often meet with clients who have come to seek my help after suffering from an illness, where alopecia (hair loss) has been a side effect. Some of the most common issues that people have been dealing with are cancer, trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling) and alopecia – a common condition that often goes unrecognised in its own right.

The treatments that I can offer in this respect emphasise the importance of semi-permanent makeup treatments not only for cosmetic treatments but in the paramedical field, too.

Feeling good

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Looking good on the outside can significantly boost our spirits and make us feel great on the inside, too. Battling an illness is stressful and exhausting at the best of times, which is why I love how I can use my talent, knowledge and experience to help ease the pain of those suffering. My paramedical makeup solutions have been specially designed to help bring back confidence by restoring a client’s natural appearance.

I want to talk about confidence for a moment, as this is such a crucial part of how we can equip ourselves to deal with the hurdles that we have to overcome in life. Confidence changes everything about us – the way we behave, how we present ourselves to others and interact in a social context.

It’s only natural that when we look our best, our confidence will also go sky-high. Using this strength and power, we’re equipped with the essential resources needed to battle through our daily lives.

Our confidence will inevitably take a very sharp hit when we’re left fighting for our health, and the sad fact is that the symptoms of alopecia are often aggravated by the shock and stress we experience in response to it.

Embarrassment, shame and depression are common side effects of those suffering from hair loss, with sufferers becoming more introverted and finding their career, social lives and friendships suffering.

Thankfully, there is a solution.
Time and time again, I’ve been left with tears of happiness in my eyes, after completing cosmetic treatments and helping to bring back the confidence of my clients. My work helps to reinforce strength and a positive outlook, to restore and revitalise both physically and mentally, and to lift the mood.

Natural beauty

Oncologists have been talking for a long time about the positive effect that permanent makeup treatments can have in both the short- and long-term for patients, particularly after going through distressing medical treatments.

If you’re suffering from cancer, I can restore your natural appearance after hair loss in chemotherapy. I’ll meet with you before you go through the process and carefully note the style, colour and natural features of your brows and hair. I also offer a one-on-one consultation and study photos after you’ve gone through the process, should you have suffered hair loss as a side effect.

Where there’s a problem, there’s a solution…

So now let’s get down to how exactly I can you if you’re suffering from hair loss and bald patches. I use a new cutting-edge technology and a system commonly known as hair and scalp tattooing or scalp follicle pigmentation.

This involves dying the scalp and inserting pigment to create the illusion of new hair follicles with thousands of tiny tattooed dots. I do full head and top-ups to suit the individual client.

Bringing back the brows

Many people are shocked that suffering from alopecia can mean not only losing the hair on your head but losing your eyebrows, too. I’ve had many female clients confiding in me about how they feel less feminine because of this – an issue that I understand entirely. Eyebrows are such a vital part of our face, helping to frame our features, give us definition and shape our expressions.

I offer a range of brows including hairstrokes or powdered brows to restore your natural look, definition and colour. Some clients even use the opportunity to try my combination brow style for a dramatic statement look!

I also offer clients the option to have a subtle liner around the eyes, to enhance definition and ‘open up’ the eyes.

Many people have some questions and doubts before choosing to invest in permanent makeup treatments, which is entirely understandable, particularly so if you’re feeling vulnerable and anxious due to suffering from alopecia.

I’d love to have a chat, to answer your questions and ease any concerns.

Please just give me a call on 0800 690 6871 or drop me an email at: Helen@helentayloraesthetics.co.uk