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Are you doing these eight things to your face? Here’s Our Skin Debunk

Are you doing these eight things to your face? Here’s Our Skin Debunk 960 643 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

How are your new year’s health goals going? If one of your resolutions was to take better care of your skin, you’ll be glad you stumbled upon this blog post.

It features eight, very enlightening points about your face – and what you should and shouldn’t be doing for optimum skin health. So, if you’re doing one (or more) of these things to your complexion, it’s time to rethink. Read on for the Helen Taylor Aesthetics skin debunk.

That’s right, we’re exposing some of the myths about skin, skincare routines and skincare to ensure you can enjoy a brighter, fresher face this year.

Skipping SPF

We’re sorry, but it simply isn’t okay to skip SPF in winter. The general consensus may be that your skin doesn’t need protection during the cooler months, but that simply isn’t true. Vogue explains why you need sunscreen or SPF year-round. After all, you get one face – and it’s vital you look after it.

The site suggests:“Incidental sun exposure—the kind experienced on a daily commute—has a cumulative effect that results in fine lines and sagging skin” and our founder Helen agrees.

Wearing sunscreen all year is a must, so make sure you incorporate it into your skincare routine.

Skin Debunk

Avoiding Chocolate

Despite what well-meaning relatives or friends will tell you, there is no evidence between chocolate and pimples – so tuck in if you enjoy a chunk every now and then. After all, a little bit of what you enjoy won’t harm.

If you’re suffering from acne-prone skin, chat to our team at Helen Taylor Aesthetics about your options. We have a Taylormade Hydrafacial just for you, for example – and we also offer chemical peels for stubborn acne marks and scars.

Sitting in the Shade

You aren’t immune from sun damage, simply because you choose to sit in the shade. In fact, that’s one of the biggest skin myths out there!

According to skincancer.org, “people can spend long hours in the shade while still receiving quite a lot of sun exposure and risking sun damage”. Be safe, folks – slather that sunscreen on!

Scrubbing Oily Skin with Exfoliators

Got oily skin? Maybe harsh exfoliators and cleansers featuring micro beads form part of your usual skincare routine.

Well, it’s time to rethink your beauty regime! Self.com offers nine ways you could be contributing to even oiler skin – and over-scrubbing is suggested as one of them. The site says you should avoid pore-clogging products too. Why not chat to us about a skincare regime that’s devised just for you, as well as a programme of regular facials? Or book your free consultation here.

Skin Debunk

Using Only Expensive Skincare Brands

While there’s something very luxurious about using premium skincare, doing so may not be the best course of action for your skin. Often, the fewer products the better. Stay tuned here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics, as we’re working hard behind the scenes to devise our own range of skin-loving cleansers and moisturisers and we’re pretty sure you’ll love them.

Stockpiling Anti-Ageing Creams

While a good skincare routine may help keep your complexion hydrated, don’t be fooled by products that promise the earth and ingredient lists filled with chemicals you can’t pronounce.

The BBC suggests that scientific-sounding products aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be, so don’t be tempted to panic-buy anti-ageing creams. Instead, try a targeted, bespoke approach to skincare, selecting the products that work best for your skin type.

Washing Your Face Too Much

This point ties in with over-scrubbing your face with harsh cleansers; washing your face too much can also be a no-no – even if you don’t have oily skin. Allure offers some advice on how often you should cleanse your skin, so if you’re doing it too often, maybe it’s time to revise your skincare routine.

Be aware that your skin’s needs may change as you age too; for example, skincare at 30 may be drastically different to your regime at 20. If you need some advice on the best treatment(s) for you, why not book your free consultation with us?

Trying ‘Professional’ Treatments at Home

You may well have heard that dermarolling at home is much cheaper than visiting a clinic. But please don’t be tempted to try professional treatments like this yourself. True, you may save yourself a few pounds, but is it worth the risk that you might permanently damage your skin? We say definitely not.

 Skin Debunk

Instead, chat to us about how we can devise a bespoke plan for you that’ll target all your skin woes and boost your confidence. Alternatively, book your free consultation here.


HydraFacial: Lauren’s Experience

HydraFacial: Lauren’s Experience 251 299 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Problem skin? Or perhaps your complexion’s simply looking a little lacklustre. Whatever your skin woes, there’s a bespoke HydraFacial for you – and we now offer the popular treatment here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics.

Tightening the pores and hydrating the face, HydraFacials can help alleviate a whole host of skin sins – from spots to blemishes and even fine lines and wrinkles. They’re suitable for all skin types and ages, too – and they take just half an hour.

Recently, Lauren – a client of ours – came to try out a HydraFacial for the first time. This is what she thought…

I’m nearly 35, yet I still suffer from acne-prone skin. For a lot of years now, it hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as it was in my teens, but I’ve recently taken a break from the contraceptive pill and I’m waiting for all hell to break loose where my complexion’s concerned.


When I visited Helen Taylor Aesthetics for my very first HydraFacial a fortnight or so ago, my skin was having a bit of a moment. Just five weeks after quitting the pill and angry, red spots had already begun to rear their ugly heads around my chin – hooray for that. NOT.

If you struggle with your skin yourself, you’ll know that it zaps all your confidence and means you spend a lot more money than most on concealer. I don’t know about you, but I’m determined to get my skin under control once and for all – and without the ‘safety blanket’ of the pill.

So, I listened to Helen and the team, who told me I had nothing to fear with the HydraFacial – and that it’d help my skin and help give me back some confidence. Another thing you’ll understand if you have less than perfect skin is that putting your trust in anything new – be it a lotion, potion, foundation, regime or treatment – can be daunting.



But I did it. I left my worries at the door and got up on the treatment couch – and I’m so glad I did. Katherine performed the procedure and her knowledge of HydraFacial was clear from the off. Not only that, she was so caring and patient, answering any questions and really putting me at ease.

It helped to know that she’s also experienced a few issues with her own skin; it made being stripped of my foundation so much easier.

So, what happened during the treatment itself – the ‘Skin Health for Life’ HydraFacial? Well, despite having all the debris and dead skin sucked from my face, it was actually fairly relaxing. Like a ‘spring clean for the complexion’, the HydraFacial felt like I was doing something really good for myself, not just my skin. Let’s call it maintenance for the face, too. After all, we subject our complexion to all sorts – harsh weather, layers of foundation, the occasional night or two sleeping in our make-up – so I felt good that I’d allowed my skin to enjoy a little TLC.

Never mind my skin, I really enjoyed the experience too.

First, a deep cleanse ridded my face of any make-up. Next, an exfoliator was applied to reveal healthier new skin, before a glycolic and salicylic solution helped loosen debris from the pores. Now, the extractions! Drawing out any impurities, this was the best bit – and it felt good to know all the ‘gunk’ was being pulled out from under the skin.

The hydration part came next, when a cocktail of hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants and peptides helped replenish the complexion. The final part was red and infrared LED light, used to reduce redness and further stimulate collagen and natural production of vitamin A. All in all, what a treat it was!

I went away feeling great – and even braved a lunch out completely make-up skin. My face had a lovely glow to it for days afterwards, while make-up application was a dream. Katherine also told me to make sure I applied plenty of skin-boosting serums or moisturisers up to a week after my treatment, since the skin would be more likely to ‘drink them up’.

I’m already thinking about my next HydraFacial, as my skin has never looked better since I visited the clinic. Thanks to Katherine and the team for making me feel so at ease – I’ll definitely be back.

Thinking of trying a HydraFacial, too? There’s a treatment with your name on it, with each HydraFacial tailored to your skin’s unique needs. Book in for your free consultation here.

Helen Taylor Aesthetics Christmas Campaign

Helen Taylor Aesthetics Christmas Campaign 1772 1181 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

It’s here – Helen Taylor Aesthetics’ 2018 Christmas campaign! Move over, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Aldi; we’re having a bash at giving you all a run for your money with our own festive ad.

In it, we meet David and Louise – a couple who may or may not be on the same page when it comes to the perfect gift to unwrap on December 25. We’re sure you’ll take them into your hearts as much as we have; why not scroll down to read their story – it may well resonate with a few of you.

Oh, and if you’re looking for something unique to buy that special someone this Christmas, we have just the thing: our Taylormade treatment packages. All you do is pay a deposit (a minimum of £200) and we’ll set you up a monthly direct debit with us. You’ll then be up and running on the Gocardless system and your recipient can enjoy a treatment of their choice (within your budget, of course) each month.

Why sign up for the Taylormade package then? Quite simply, it gets you off the hook for Christmas gifts, birthdays, anniversaries – and even Valentine’s Day. Go on get in touch with us and we’ll go from there. You can thank us later.

Vicki’s Vlog – Plasma Blast & Liquid Plasma Facial Treatments

Vicki’s Vlog – Plasma Blast & Liquid Plasma Facial Treatments 770 1024 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Vicki’s back with another excellent blog for us all. This time focusing on Plasma Blast & Liquid Plasma Facial Treatments.
Stay tuned to our youtube channel and facebook page, as Vicki will be updating us all daily on her progress.
Thanks Vicki!…


Helen Taylor Aesthetics Advent – Christmas Promotion

Helen Taylor Aesthetics Advent – Christmas Promotion 1920 1080 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

This December we have a fantastic Christmas Advent Calendar promotion taking place on our facebook page.

From the 1st to the 24th of December we will have a different offer every day.

These offers will only be available to 3 lucky people, and the offer will only be revealed on the day.

Every day at 12 noon we will post the offer on our Facebook Page. It will look like this….

How do you get a chance to claim one of these exciting offers you ask? Well, all you need to do is follow us on Facebook and be in the first 3 to comment on the relevant offer.

It’s that simple, so join us on facebook this festive season and make sure you’re checking our page regularly.

The small print:
You must be over 25 years of age. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with our finance products. You must book your appointment for January or February 2018. Dermal fillers are not included in this promotion. A deposit must be paid to secure the booking of your appointment.

Dear Helen – Plasma Blast

Dear Helen – Plasma Blast 316 315 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

The latest Dear Helen video is now live! This week we discuss Plasma Blast treatments.

Don’t forget to get in touch if you have a question for Helen.


thread lift

Happy (You’re Not Turning Into Your) Mother’s Day! – Thread Lift

Happy (You’re Not Turning Into Your) Mother’s Day! – Thread Lift 1200 1801 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she looks in the mirror and sees her mother staring back at her. It’s not always a bad thing – after all, most of our mother’s had beautiful skin, thanks to lower pollution levels and a diet containing less processed foods. But there’s something about the appearance of those first few lines that is so reminiscent of the woman who raised us that it makes us feel… well, old. Older than we feel, anyway.

Unlike our mothers’ generation, however, there are now plenty of minimally invasive procedures available to take years off the face and keep us looking like the daughters in the dynamic.

Take the thread lift, for example; just one of the advanced aesthetic procedures I perform. More and more women are discovering just how effective this can be for rejuvenating the appearance – and, unlike the drastic ‘wind-tunnel-effect’ face-lifts of our mothers’ day, there’s not a single scalpel involved.

Using local anaesthetic, micro-needles are painlessly inserted, then withdrawn to leave tiny threads in place beneath the skin. These give an instant lifting effect, but also encourage collagen to form tiny tubes around them, so the benefits get even better over time. In fact, the results can last up to three years – not bad considering the whole thing can be done in less time than it takes you to get your roots done. You can read more about the procedure HERE.

PDO Thread-lifting

If you’re a mum yourself, investing in your skin is a lovely way to pat yourself on the back for all your hard work. And if you’re feeling super generous, you could always book a treatment for your own Mum while you’re at it! You were probably the cause of many of those lines on her brow, after all…

Happy Mothers Day!


Permanent Cosmetics

How Carbon Facials Will Transform Your Skin

How Carbon Facials Will Transform Your Skin 720 400 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

This summer, my new clinic has been crammed full with clients seeking all the latest aesthetic treatments. The aesthetics side of my business is really taking off and I’m so happy to be able to help people look and feel their best by using my treatments.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve recently added a fresh therapy to my portfolio in the form of Carbon Facials.

What Exactly Is A Carbon Facial?

Also known as Carbon Skin Rejuvenation, the Carbon Facial is a turbo-charged dermabrasion-style treatment. Some people describe it as a more sophisticated and gentler version of the laser peel. This is the treatment for you if you’re seeking fresher, younger-looking skin and a non-invasive therapy with immediate results. It’s also a good pre-prep if you’re thinking of trying mesotherapy.

What To Expect At Your Appointment

At the beginning of the process, I will apply a medium layer of high-energy carbon paste to the surface of your skin. A low-level heat is generated and a laser beam used, encouraging the paste to disperse and dead or damaged skin cells to absorb the carbon. Younger cells that lie deep beneath the surface of your skin remain untouched.

By removing the outer layer of dead skin, your skin will appear refreshed, revitalised and radiant. I am essentially resurfacing your skin for highly effective, long-term results. Carbon is used for its strong absorbing properties in tandem with the laser, meaning it deeply penetrates and stimulates pores with laser precision. The laser energy beam also works alongside a light vacuum that removes the carbon particles as it scans the face.

The treatment works beautifully to reduce large or dilated pores as the lining of the open pores reacts to the carbon paste. This results in tighter skin and improved texture even on tricky areas such as the nose. Many patients also find that the treatment removes blackheads, whiteheads and other minor imperfections.

The thermal effect of the heat stimulates collagen production for natural skin repair and restoration of elasticity. This makes it ideal for clients concerned about fine lines and wrinkles as the treatment reduces the appearance of deeper lines and ‘fills in’ wrinkles for a more even, more youthful skin tone.

Be Honest. Does It Hurt?

The beauty of such a cutting-edge treatment is that I use the best industry techniques for a pain-free process. Some clients report that it creates the same sensation as pins and needles while others say it feels a little ticklish!

Another bonus point is that there is absolutely no downtime with a carbon facial. You can resume normal activities as soon as your treatment is finished. I do suggest avoiding makeup and hot showers for a few hours after your treatment to ensure optimum results.

Short- or Long-Term Options

For many of my clients, the carbon facial is their secret weapon. Both men and women pop in a few days before a big work or social event for a fast route to glowing, firm and super-soft skin.

You can also enjoy a series of monthly treatments over a suggested minimum period of six months. In this case, skin is stimulated towards new collagen regeneration over a longer period of time to enhance the effect of the process.

Am I Suitable for this Treatment?

It’s more than likely that you are! The vast majority of people are totally suitable. I hold a free one-on-one consultation with all my clients before any treatment where I will conduct a full health assessment and identify any barriers to the procedure. I will also use a skin patch test when I believe it is necessary to ensure there will be no hostile reaction to treatment.


If you’d like to book for a carbon facial do contact me today.

Dermal fillers

Vampire facial – the Halloween-themed treatment that’s not nearly as scary as it sounds!

Vampire facial – the Halloween-themed treatment that’s not nearly as scary as it sounds! 1730 1155 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

With Halloween fast approaching, I’m getting excited – and not only because I’ve got the perfect excuse to snack on toffee apples and watch scary films. It’s also because I’ve recently introduced a new treatment to my beauty portfolio – the Vampire Facelift. Don’t let the nickname put you off because this is one of the most cutting-edge and effective treatments on the market today…

Behind the mask

Many of us find that the ageing process brings with it a number of unwelcome side effects. Bits of our body start to sag due to the plasma being diverted to the organs, our skin becomes greyer, and our face shape less defined. Fine lines and wrinkles suddenly become part of our everyday lives.

These are all common issues that people can encounter from as young as their mid-twenties. Some ladies also find that they experience pigmentation after childbirth. I meet some ladies who have brown pigmentation on their upper lip following laser hair removal.

Thankfully, the vampire facial can help to fix these issues. The plasma-based rejuvenation therapy is used to treat scarring and signs of ageing such as wrinkles and pigmentation. It’s essentially an advanced version of dry needling and both treatments are entirely natural and kind to the skin.

While dry needling encourages the skin’s production of natural collagen, vampire facelifts work by taking your own blood, drawing out the plasma/platelets and injecting them back into your skin. The treatment is entirely safe as it’s impossible for the body to have a reaction against its own plasma.

How it works

The treatment begins by taking the blood and placing it into four small vials. The blood is then put into a centrifuge and spun – this will separate the plasma from the blood. The plasma is then siphoned off as that’s the good stuff!

This process shows just how intelligent our plasma is – you can tell how healthy someone is by his or her plasma alone. The separation divide is less clear and the plasma appears darker in those of us who are of poor health. If you are a smoker, the blood separation will appear even fuzzier.

There are a number of ways that the vampire facelift uses your plasma to treat different skin issues. All of these methods work to restore definition and improve tone and texture by encouraging the body’s natural healing process.

Time to glow

For those who wish to plump out their skin and create a rosy appearance, I will gently inject the plasma directly into the fine lines and wrinkles. Injecting the plasma straight back into the skin using tiny needles helps to stimulate blood flow and rejuvenate the skin for a natural, healthy and more youthful image.

When treating pigmentation issues, I might also add a vitamin cocktail to tighten skin and make it appear fresher.

The treatment’s name comes from the part of the process where I work my way round the skin on your face using microscopic needles to inject plasma into the most important entrance points. I will then let this “sit on the skin” in a type of facemask so that it fully absorbs the plasma.

While this might sound a bit intimidating, there’s no need to be nervous. I’ll let you know what’s happening at all stages.

Vampire facelifts work their magic pretty fast and your skin will feel softer just one day after treatment. Most clients will experience a bit of spotted blood and some redness but this will fade after just a few hours. I always advise my clients to only use mineral-based makeup (if any) following treatment.

This therapy is kind to your skin as all it uses is your very own plasma – the Rolls Royce of your blood and the power that keeps it all going.

Once you’ve had your treatment you’ll see the results improve over the following 2 – 3 months with the effects lasting up to 2 years. This really is one of the best treatments you can invest in if you’re looking to combat the signs of ageing.

Last but not least, if you’ve Googled “Kim Kardashian Vampire Facelift” don’t be put off – my treatments are nothing like that! While the idea behind it is the same, my treatments are entirely natural and use a different application process.

For more information or to just have a chat about how the vampire facelift can help your skin, get in touch today!