The Cryo Facial: Putting A Fresh Face On Beauty

The Cryo Facial: Putting A Fresh Face On Beauty 150 150 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

I’m so excited to be introducing a brand new service into my beauty portfolio, in the form of the CryoFacial™. This is a treatment that combines all of the qualities I look for in new service offerings – cutting edge methods, a comfortable, pain-free process with methods using natural ingredients and the guarantee of immediate results.


Face up

If you’ve ever stubbed your toe and popped a bag of frozen peas on to soothe the throbbing, you’ll know exactly how good the cooler temperatures will feel against your skin. That idea was surely at the back of the minds of the creator of the CryoFacial™ as this treatment relies on the power of ice cold vaporised liquid nitrogen to create fast results for those looking for an anti-ageing remedy.

If it all sounds a bit too scientific, don’t worry. The idea itself is revolutionary and one that all the best aesthetic practitioners are very excited about. The facial uses the Cool Lifting method, where the CryoWand is directed towards the face (it’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise!) and releases a strong, controlled flow of nitrogen at a high pressure with a high concentration of atomised actives.

Combined with the low temperatures, the treatment essentially ‘lifts’ the skin from underneath, helping to smooth out deep wrinkles and erase superficial ones, giving you a glowing tone and firmer-looking appearance.


Say goodbye to wrinkles

My treatments focus on the most problematic ageing areas – forehead, brows, cheeks, neck and the area around the lips and eyes. Each treatment takes up to twenty minutes and is entirely non-invasive. The cold stream encourages the skin’s blood vessels to dilate, improving the glow of oxygen to the skin’s surface and encouraging that radiant appearance we’re all looking for.

The success of the CryoFacial™ is all down to the detailed nature of the process. The CryoWand ensures that I can focus on the specific areas that each client really wants to treat and work closely with your skin to produce on-point results. The results are immediate – pores will appear much smaller as inflammation, redness and puffiness will be reduced or eliminated entirely by the cool stream.

The flow of nitrogen also crucially encourages the production of collagen, the naturally occurring protein that’s responsible for improving the elasticity of our skin and contributing towards a more youthful appearance.

Get that glow

When the collagen in our skin starts to reproduce, skin will appear tighter and more defined, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The cold will also encourage blood circulation, encouraging a radiant skin tone and smooth texture.

It’s also an extremely relaxing process! The flow feels as if it is massaging the skin and the whole procedure is revitalising and rejuvenating.


Famous following

The CryoFacial™ treatment was first developed in Los Angeles and has already been used by celebrities including Anna Friel, Natalie Imbruglia and Erin O’Connor. While it might sound super trendy, this is a trend that will stick because the treatment is highly effective with fabulous results.

Most clients will not need a top-up treatment for four months, while others can last longer. While it obviously depends according to each client, this treatment is wonderful because it has a knock-on effect – the more facials you have, the more collagen will be produced and your skin will appear even younger every time.

So if you would like a whole barrage of compliments thrown your way and a decade taken off your looks, get in touch today for a no-obligation chat. I can answer all of your questions and would love to speak to you about this anti-ageing treatment that I believe is truly groundbreaking.

Debunking The Myths of Permanent Makeup: Fact or Fiction?

Debunking The Myths of Permanent Makeup: Fact or Fiction? 250 107 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

The internet appears to be bursting at the seams with stories about permanent makeup with celebs like the Kardashians pouting their way across social media to show off their new lip fillers. With this surge in popularity, it’s inevitable that many myths about permanent makeup have cropped up and there’s a lot of false information out there.

That’s why I’m using this post to separate fact from fiction, offering the lowdown on the most common preconceptions and concerns about permanent makeup, using my skills, experience and knowledge to offer sound advice and quell any unnecessary worries from those who are understandably apprehensive about trying it out.


  1. Permanent brow treatments are painful – FICTION!

Permanent brows are one of the most popular treatments that I offer, but many of my clients come to our initial consultation with the assumption that the procedure will be painful. It’s not painful, and most people will just feel scratches. I don’t have to shave your eyebrows off. I will also not necessarily need to remove any of your current hair, instead working with your natural hair to create your desired look. If we’re looking to slightly change your brow shape I can pluck away brows that don’t fit within the right areas.


  1. I can’t get wrinkle and line relaxers because the needle is too big – FICTION!

Many people assume ‘botox’ needles are huge. In reality, they are small and fine in order to ensure the beautician can do a precise job. They actually penetrate the skin less than acupuncture needles. For my clients who are very scared of needles, I simply cover them up so you can’t see what’s going on! Plus it’s all very speedy, as one small area (for example the middle of your forehead) requires just six short pricks. It’ll be over before you know it.


  1. There’s no point getting permanent brows as everyone ends up looking the same – FICTION!

Some of my clients are initially concerned that they will end up looking “just like everyone else” with the same shape and size brows. In reality, I conduct in-depth consultations before every single therapy to assess the ideal shape, size and colour brow that will suit your face and complement your skin tone. Every person will suit a slightly different shape and colour, and this is a joint decision that I make with all my clients during each consultation.


  1. The effects won’t last long so there’s no point in having it done – FICTION!

I may recommend a free second brow application around a month after your first session, depending on the colour and tone of the individual client. After this, you won’t need a top up for a minimum of 18 months or two years, or you can just let them fade out gradually. It’s a lot cheaper, easier, more impactful and long lasting than waxing, tweezing or threading.



Permanent makeup – eyebrows


  1. Permanent makeup is overly expensive – FICTION!

Granted, permanent makeup sounds like one of those things that only wealthy people would choose to have. Trust me when I say that’s not the case any more.

That said, it’s an investment. If you don’t want someone who’s inexperienced and has a shaky hand or infected needles to work on your face, then you’re going to need to invest in your treatment. I also offer interest-free options to my clients to ensure they can spread the cost and avoid the prospect of a large amount of cash leaving your account in one go. At the end of the day, my treatments are highly effective and last for months or even years so it’s an extremely worthwhile investment and a small price to pay to look and feel confident. I end up doing a lot of correctional work on people who’ve tried to save money by choosing a cheaper option.


  1. I’m going to look fake – FICTION!

Many potential clients tell me that they’re worried “people will know that I’ve had work done.” I am highly experienced and have gained a strong reputation thanks to treatments that are extremely effective yet very subtle and don’t scream ‘fake’. Many of my treatments are focused on restoring a natural look lost through illness or ageing. They won’t know unless you tell them!


  1. It’s just for women – FICTION!

I’ve welcomed a diverse range of customers into my clinic, many men among them. My most popular treatments for men include micro-pigmentation, in particular scalp micro-pigmentation. This helps those who suffer from trichotillomania or baldness, a receding hairline or thinning beard. Many of my male clients also have scars from contact sports and my medical treatments help to reduce the appearance of scarring. Male customers will often also choose my men’s eye treatments to help redefine brow shape and restore lashes. It’s really not just for ladies.


  1. It’s all about vanity – FICTION!

There are many extremely sophisticated permanent makeup treatments that cover a range of medical aesthetics and issues, as well as beauty. I offer laser tattoo removal and scar reduction as well as hair loss and reconstructive treatments.

It’s all about being comfortable and confident in your own skin, using easy, fuss-free methods to ensure you look and feel your best at all times.


I hope this has helped to allay some fears and explain a little more about what I do.

For more information call me on 0800 690 6871 or chat to me on Facebook or Twitter.

Permanent Cosmetics

A Thorough Consultation: The First Stage of Beauty Therapy

A Thorough Consultation: The First Stage of Beauty Therapy 759 1052 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Before going ahead with any cosmetic treatment, it’s essential to have a professional consultation with your chosen technician.

Beauty is such a personal thing that means different things to different people, and I use my consultations to really get to know every one of my clients.

I also use this pre-treatment meeting to better understand the look that my client is aiming to achieve.

There are a number of dangers associated with using a technician that you’re unfamiliar with. A lack of effective communication may result in the technician using the wrong colour for your eyebrows or creating a shape that doesn’t flatter your facial features.

I know a lady who received a voucher for Mother’s Day for a beauty technician but she just didn’t feel comfortable going to see that particular person; she trusted her gut feeling that something was amiss. She checked out some of the technician’s work but didn’t feel that it was right for her. When she came to me and had her treatment done she was completely relieved and pleased that she found she could trust me.

Ultimately, it’s your face, and your decision

Having any type of semi-permanent or permanent beauty treatment is about much more than a casual appointment at any old place.

Remember that you are not just going to see someone to ‘put brows on your face’ – you need to find an expert who will discuss the range of colours/pigments and styles available to you.

A skilled technician will offer you an eyebrow treatment that will lift your face and enhance your features. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re not happy and don’t be shy about asking anything that you feel will offer a more comprehensive picture of the experience.

Do research to make sure you are properly informed before undergoing any procedure; this may involve meeting a number of technicians before you find the one you are happy with.

You’re investing time, money and trust into your beauty treatments and, in return, you should receive the highest standards of care and quality.

All professional technicians will expect you to pay for a consultation or leave a deposit, and will also show you their terms and conditions in a clear, readable format. Ask your therapist how long they have been in the business, and whether they have previous examples of their work, perhaps on a professional website.

Check them out on social media and Google to make sure they are reputable. You can also ask around friends and your local community for recommendations from people that you trust.

How the consultation works

At our meeting, I will analyse your face shape and features to work out the most complementary brow style for you. I will advise on the best colours to flatter your skin tone, hair and eyes, using a mix of the highest grade, hypoallergenic pigments to create natural colours. Once we have established the best look for you, I will draw the brows on with a makeup pencil so you can make sure you are happy before we go ahead.

I advise my clients to bring along photos or magazine cutouts if they have seen a brow style that they like. I will give honest advice and recommend an alternative look if I feel they are aiming for something that may not flatter them. I have turned people away in the past if I believe their expectations are a little unrealistic.

All my potential clients must also fill out a medical and consent form to determine whether they are right for the procedure; is against my professional integrity to work with anyone who is psychologically vulnerable and I will advise against treatment if I believe that a client is having it for the wrong reasons.

A consultation can be used as a pre-treatment chat if you have already decided you would like to proceed with my treatment, or as a way to help you make your mind up about whether you wish to go ahead. If you are concerned about the process being painful, don’t be! All my treatments are pretty pain-free and conducted in a sterile environment.

Joint effort

Thankfully, almost all of my initial consultations turn into clients and we achieve some fabulous results!

I will always be available to answer any questions and have a chat.

I’m proud of my work as I produce long-lasting, effective results by making sure my clients are involved at every step of the process.