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Helen Taylor’s tools for a taylormade life. #yourbestkeptsecret

Helen Taylor’s tools for a taylormade life. #yourbestkeptsecret 960 960 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Hello, it’s Helen and this week I wanted to share something slightly different with you, as I have finally received the first copy of my book – “Your best kept secret’. I am over the moon, and I have to be honest, when I held the book in my hands this morning, and read the dedication to my Dad, I did shed a tear.

Writing this book has been a momentous journey for me.

When I started to explore what I wanted to go in it, I had no idea where my feelings would take me.

Little did I know, just two months ago, that when I truly put my mind to it, that something that I had been frequently dreaming about was soon to become a reality. It just goes to show that when you really, REALLY want something to appear in your life, YOU  have the power to make it happen.

And in a way I guess that’s what I wanted my book to say to you – that when you believe in yourself and take action, your life can look exactly how YOU want it to.

There is no right or wrong way to do things – and each day is a new canvas ready to be painted. SO, order your copy here, and it will be delivered to you as soon as it is released on May 16th. And with this gem of a book in your handbag, who knows where the day will take you.

Here is a little something that I have just put together to share with you. In my book I wrote my top 5 tools for living a taylormade life. I wanted to expand on them – I love to give bonus content. SO, sit back, relax and ENJOY it.

1. Respect yourself

Always, always respect yourself. Because if you do not respect yourself, how on earth can you ever expect anybody else to? Respecting yourself can sometimes feel difficult – if you do not like your appearance, or if you find yourself in an abusive relationship where somebody is continually having a go at you.

2. ALWAYS listen to your intuition

Intuition will never fail you. The one person whose opinion or advice you can trust in life, is your own. If your intuition is trying to tell you something, then please, please LISTEN TO IT.  That’s all that I have to say about that one!

3. Make friends with ageing

Ageing is something that none of us enjoy, is it? Sure, we can embrace it, and yes, the internal aspects of aging (such as a great sense of wisdom and a firmer sense of self),are something that a lot of us welcome. But wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and sagging. Well it’s something that’s going to one day happen to all of us. Unless you have a fab aesthetician.

4. Never let anyone else define you

YOU are the only person who you need to answer to. Never let anyone else define you. YOUR version of you will always be better than somebody else’s expectations of you. As long as you are being your most authentic self, then the people who are meant to meet you will always find their way to you. And gorgeous, they are going to LOVE you.

5. Never be afraid to walk away from anything (or anyone) that doesn’t suit you.

It may be one of the hardest lessons that I have learned over the last decade, but it has also been possible the most rewarding. Learning to walk away from things, and walking away from people, has given me a sense of freedom, If something or somebody is taking their toll on you, and smothering your day in drama – simply walk away from it/them. YOU get to CHOOSE how your life FEELS.

And there you have it – your next step is to write down what YOUR tools for a Taylormade life would be, and if you’re feeling brave, why not head on over to Facebook and come and share them? I’d really love to hear from you.

Have a lovely day, whatever you are up to, and if you are coming to the launch event, I am looking forward to seeing you!

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Pre-Order your copy of ‘Your best kept secret’ here.

Weight loss

Hello sunshine, Hello waistline

Hello sunshine, Hello waistline 2000 1335 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

It’s time to talk ‘weight loss for spring + summer’

It’s that time of year again where the jackets come off, the t.shirts come out, and everything around the middle just seems more…. Visible. Hello sunshine and hello waistline…..

Now for some of us, we can’t wait to show a bit of midriff, but for a lot  of us, the thought of showing off our waistline leaves us asking ‘where exactlydid this come from?’ whilst tugging on our belly’.

Weight Loss is something that most of us are probably thinking about at the moment, and there’s always something about spring and summer that inspires to look and feel better.

But weight loss can seem so daunting, when there are is so much advice out there, about how to achieve massive inch loss, in order to look good and feel better. Diets, pills, exercise plans and 3D Lipo – just exactly where should you start if you want to be celebrating your weight loss by the time we get to summer?

Think about long term changes rather than fad diets.

Fad diets may leave you lookingslender, but as soon as you go back to regular eating, the weight loss is history and the weight just piles back on again. Starving yourself of vital nutrients and calories will leave you feeling depressed and well.. Hungry.

Your metabolism needs to be constantly fired in order for it to work properly and efficiently, so create a plan that sees you eating little and often.

Not sure what to eat? Think protein (fish, eggs, lean meat such as Turkey), nuts, berries and lots of green vegetables). And don’t forget to drink lots of water! Also, don’t think of all fat as being bad fat – greek yogurt, avocado and olive oil and whole eggs are great for weight loss.

Implement these changes and eat do this daily and you will notice weight loss that is sustainable.

Start a course of 3D Lipo for inch loss  and skin tightening.

3D Lipo is the best treatment on the market in my opinion for helping with fat loss and inch loss and can really kick start and boost any weight loss plan that you are going to follow.

To get started is really simple: book a free consultation and we can assess which kind of treatment plan is right for you (general fat loss or more localised fat loss for example). A course of around 8 treatments is usually recommended, but I prefer to go for a more #Taylormadeapproach and create a treatment plan that is individual just like you are.

Not only will 3D Lipo have the fat cells disappearing from you, you can also use Radiofrequency in order to then tone and tighten that specific area, as there is nothing more frustrating after a successful round of weight loss, than still wanting to hide yourself because of the excess skin around you.

Be proactive, start a healthy eating plan, book in for 3D Lipo and make sure that you exercise. There is no ‘one size fits all miracle cure’ when it comes to long term weight loss. One thing alone will not keep the results for you. You need to use these things in combination and you should be pleasantly surprised at the success that you have with your weight loss.

To find out more about 3D Lipo and Radiofrequency head here.

And as always, come and join us over on Facebook!

Until the next time, have a lovely week

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spring ready complexion

The Taylormade guide to a spring ready complexion.

The Taylormade guide to a spring ready complexion. 2000 1334 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

We’re talking clear, glowing, makeup free skin.

spring ready complexion

Hello it’s Helen, and today I wanted to talk to you about how to get a glowing, ‘hello spring’ ready complexion.

We can safely say that spring is at last ‘officially’ upon us. It’s that time of year where less is more, and that also applies to heavy face creams and makeup.

But as beautiful as that can look in the glossy magazines, it can leave some of us shuddering at the thought of having to ditch our winter makeup (heavy duty concealer anyone?)

If your skin isn’t in the best condition that it could be, you may dreading those extra hours of daylight and would prefer to hide under your duvet.

Never fear, Helen is here( I couldn’t resist that!)  and in this blog post I am going to share with you the treatments and tips that will give you your best spring ready complexion ever.

An inside out approach to beauty.

The inside: The mindset.

I believe in an inside out approach to beauty. And I am not simply talking about the food that you eat and the creams that you use to moisturise.

I also believe that aside from drinking plenty of water, and eating foods high in natural fats and proteins, that you need to work on your mindset.

Stress, and worrying about acne, or ageing will only worsenyour condition, as stress and anxiety produces cortisol, which in turn disrupts your hormone balance, which can be disastrous for your appearance. Not ideal when you’re trying to get your spring ready complexion is it!

My #taylormade tip: As you carry out your morning cleansing routine, turn your everyday habit into a #justforme ritual – as you wash or wipe away your cleansing product, say goodbye to worrying so much about your appearance and remind yourself that if you have a skin issue, with the right bespoke treatment you can soon sort it.

Repeat ‘I am totally in control of this’ – then contact Helen Taylor!

But seriously, life is way too short to be feeling down about something when there is actually something that you can do about it. So start by getting that mindset and then book your free consultation and come and see me.

The outside: (The treatments.)

Get your spring ready complexion with one (or more) of these treatments:

Hydrafacial: wins hands down when it comes to addressing a multitude of sins, from deep cleansing (skin detox), to rehydrating dry, parched skin. The Hydrafacial is the facial that celebrities swear by when they want resultsquickly.

I’d highly recommend that anybody book themselves in for a Hydrafacial because it has such an impact on so many areas, from Hyperpigmentation, to fine lines, wrinkles and acne, and let’s face it, most of us have more than one condition going on simultaneously. A real fast fix for your spring ready complexion.

Chemical Peel: We’ve all seen that episode of Sex + the City , where Samantha walks in for a chemical peel and walks back out looking like something from a horror film. Luckily today, chemical peels are less aggressive but still deliver a hefty impact. If you’re looking for a deep skin reveal, ready for spring and summer, a chemical peel could be what you are looking for.

Dermaroller: The derma roller is a favourite of Angelina Jolie, and is the secret behind many an enviable complexion. Fine needles are rolled across your skin, which then allows a deeper penetration of any skin products used, and kick starts your body’s own collagen production. This treatment is brilliant for skin regeneration and can work on smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and can even work wonders on  stretch marks!

Profhilo, Fillers + Biofil: If you feel that your skin is lacking elasticity and you’ve noticed some rather depressing looking hollows, then adding in some lost volume (particularly under your eyes, with the tear trough treatment) can leaving you looking +  feeling refreshed from the outside in!

A super fast run down: fillers replace lost volume in a particular localised area, profhilo adds lost volume in general by replacing your depleted hyaluronic acid levels, and biofil does the same job as fillers but uses the plasma that we extract from your own blood sample.

Tempted by a treatment or two? You can find out more about them by heading to helentayloraesthetics.co.uk

However, if you are considering taking control of your appearance, and want to spring into action (pun intended!) then why not book your free consultation?

Coming to see me means that you can receive my Taylormade bespoke prescription for your best course of action.

I really don’t believe that you should just pick something from a menu and ‘guess’ that that’s the right treatment for you. You’re a woman who likes to feel like the individual that you are, so my mission is to make this whole experience very bespoke  for YOU.

So, book your free consultation and then come and see me and we can look at getting your skin spring ready.

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P.s don’t forget to join me over on Facebook. Speak to you soon.

Whats in store for 2019 – Helen & Chloe’s first vlog

Whats in store for 2019 – Helen & Chloe’s first vlog 150 150 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Helen and Chloe discuss everything we have coming up for 2019. New products, 3D Lipo, Taylor Made, Weight Loss, New Years Resolutions, and much much more.

skin tightening

The lunch break guide to successful skin tightening.

The lunch break guide to successful skin tightening. 2000 1342 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Grab yourself a sandwich, get yourself comfortable – it’s time to delve into the world of  skin tightening.

skin tightening

Hello, it’s Helen and today I wanted to talk to you about skin tightening.

Have you found yourself looking in the mirror lately, and things just don’t seem as plump, tight or youthful as they used to be? It’s not necessarily that you have ‘wrinkles’ (although they certainly might be present), but somehow your face just isn’t as toned and tight as it once was.

You’ve worked your way through the expensive face creams, and serums, and have maybe even tried some ‘at home’ devices.

But somehow, you just don’t seem to get the results that you’re after, and you’re starting to feel a little ‘fed up with things’.

And – it’s not just about your face is it.. You may also be experiencing this on your body, from a flabby stomach to those pesky bingo wings! You understand that this is all a part of ageing, but if there was something that you could do about it, you’d be first in line to do it.

If any of this sounds familiar, then let me introduce you to your perfect solution:- welcome to the world of skin tightening.

Before we get down to the treatments, let’s talk about what exactly is skin tightening and who is the ideal candidate for it?

Skin tightening is something that is suitable really, for anyone over the age of 30 who is starting to experience what I’d call the very first signs of ageing.  It can be used as a preventative treatment, to stop your skin from slackening and it can also be used to tighten skin where it’s already happened.  Skin tightening on the body is less ‘age related’ and more to do with weight loss so this can be used by anybody.

Treatments that do the job when it comes to skin tightening:

Skin tightening solutions for the face..

Radiofrequency: Your skin will thank you when you treat yourself to radiofrequency. Here at the clinic we offer RF that can be used to target many areas, including the jowls, cheeks, and neck area. RF or ‘skin rejuvenation’ offers a tightening and lifting effect for those who don’t want to undergo surgery and can be used on both the face and body.

Profhilo: Fast becoming a celebrity favourite, Profhilo involves the injection of Hyaluronic Acid into the face, so that not only will you experience an immediate tightening effect it will also boost your own collagen production.

Profhilo gives an ‘inner glow’ effect that really is outstanding.

PDO Threads: Ideal for anyone above the age of 30, PDO threads target everything from crow’s feet to nasolabial and marionette lines (which run from the nose and mouth and contribute to a frown-like appearance), PDO thread-lifts are also beneficial for treating jowls and a sagging neck, as they help kill off fat cells.

Plasma Blast: The one with the longest downtime, Plasma is extremely impressive and effective as a skin tightening treatment, literally blasting away excess skin cells (by dehydrating them), this treatment can be used on both the upper and lower eyelids, as well as the neck and forehead area.

Skin tightening solutions for the Body:

Sagging skin indy.isn’t just a treatment just for your face, it can also works wonders on your body.

3D Lipo: The 3D Lipo machine not only destroys unwanted areas of fat, it can also be used to tighten loose and sagging skin, for example, that occurs after weight loss treatment. Using HiFU (high intensity focused ultrasound)  and RF (radiofrequency) skin can be toned and tightened quickly and can treat areas such as the stomach, bingo wings, thighs, and face.

You can also use treatments that we covered for the face, on the body: Plasma Blast can work wonders when used on the body to tighten to loose skin and PDO Threads can give a lift to areas such as your neck and breasts. Profhilo can be used for skin tightening on the hands, and RF can be used in multiple areas.

How soon will you see results + how often should you do it?

Skin tightening treatments are fantastic because you can usually see results fairly quickly. In fact all of the treatments that I have covered, will have you looking in the mirror saying ‘wow’ at the end of your very first session.

How many sessions you will need, depends upon your individual concerns and needs, and the best way to discover this is to book a free consultation so that we can discuss your TaylorMade treatment plan.

One thing that I will say, is that regardless of the amazing outcome that you get with one of the above treatments, day by day we arecontinually ageing. This means that in time, ageing will again become obvious, and a top up treatment may be advisable.

My TaylorMade recommendation:

I recommend that you get skin tightening treatments done as and when you need them. An initial course as advised above may be recommended after a consultation but if you are at all concerned about skin ageing and feel that skin tightening may be the answer for you, I recommendtreating your area of concern, little and often. 

When done professionally, skin tightening treatments can be extremely impressively effective.

To book your consultation head here, and don’t forget to join us on Facebook.

Until the next time,

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Vaginal Hifu

It’s time to take the control back – meet the Vaginal Hifu Vela V-Max.

It’s time to take the control back – meet the Vaginal Hifu Vela V-Max. 2000 1333 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

(from stress incontinence to intimacy, the Vaginal HiFU Vela V-Max means that you can kiss goodbye to pelvic floor workouts and say hello to a tighter inside)

Hello, it’s Helen and today I wanted to get a little intimate with you and talk about vaginal tightening.

I know, I know – it’s not exactly something that we’d talk about with the ladies over a glass of Pinot is it?

Come to think of it, it’s not something that most of us would have the confidence to talk about with anybody.

And that is exactly why I want to talk about it.

I believe, that Vaginal Tightening (or the HiFU Vela V-Max), could be every woman’s secret weapon. And here are three reasons why I think that:

1. It will bring you closer together.

It’s a fact of life for most of us, that when we reach a certain milestone, (whether it’s when we move into a certain decade, or endure the after effects of pregnancy) that things  become .. shall we say… a little less  toned in a certain area.

Now of course, this is a natural part of ageing and to some extent is to be expected – but it  can really affect intimacy and have an impact on your relationship.

The Vaginal HifU Vela V-Max, can bring you closer together,literally,but  also intimately, as it tightens your vaginal muscles (think Pelvic floor exercises on steroids!) and makes everything……that little bit.. Tighter.

A  high-intensity focused ultrasound energy is delivered  into deeper layers of your skin (SMAS layer), as well as the dermis layer, and this revolutionary treatment offers immediate results that simply get better with each day that passes.

Say goodbye to embarrassing bedroom moments, and hello to heightened pleasure.

2. It can help with those embarrassing ‘being caught short’ moments.

Have you ever found yourself caught short, and running to the ladies? I don’t need to go into any more detail than that do I. You know what I mean, and I know what I mean here.

Female stress incontinence, or urge incontinence can be horrendous.And okay, we can sit and laugh about it here (cross your legs ladies!) , but the truth is that it’s holding you prisoner.

You wouldn’t let a jealous partner control you, so why do you allow your vagina?

Stress incontinence and urge incontinence can leave you feeling….shall we say ‘older’.  And it can leave you feeling exhausted!  How many times a night are you nipping to the bathroom because your urge incontinence wakes you?

The Vaginal HifU vela V-Max offers  superior female intimate rejuvenation  which can help with stress incontinence as a result of laughing, coughing, sneezing – or even trampolining!

This can mean no more avoiding those social situations, and leaving the incontinence pads off your shopping list.

3. It can keep you feeling younger – from the inside out.

It can be used as a preventative… think of it a little like having your monthly facial…. only  we’re talking about your vagina…

Having the Vela V as soon as you notice things slacking can keep you feeling tighter, (and as a result, feeling younger.)  This will soon be noticable, not only on the inside, but also on the outside. You will experience an inner confidence that almost immediately will become really.. REALLY  noticeable.

So, whether you want to put a stop to those sleepless nights and rather embarrassing moments – or you want to feel ‘closer’ to your partner , it seems that the Vaginal HiFU Vela V-Max tightening treatment is a great reassurance to anyone who experiences urge incontinence, stress incontinence, or would like an overall vaginal workout.

You can find out more about the Vaginal HifU Vela V_Max here, or book your free consultation here.

And don’t forget to be social on Facebook, as I love to keep up to date with how you’re doing.

Until the next time,

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Weight Loss

The TaylorMade way to kickstart your weight loss

The TaylorMade way to kickstart your weight loss 1000 658 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Looking good + feeling good has never been simpler

Weight Loss

Hello, it’s Helen, and as I write this blog post, I’m making the most of this lovely weather.  Of course depending on when you read this, it may or may not still be here..

It feels like Spring has made its grand entrance, , but summer is just around the corner – and whilst this welcome appearance of sunshine can result in a positive mindset, it can also bring a real damper…

Does any of this sound familiar? You’re stood in front of your closet, pulling out your oh so beloved sweater  when  suddenly (+ surprisingly) you realise that it’s time for a t.shirt…

A t.shirt? Erm.. but a … t.shirt? Aren’t most of us still carrying around the weight induced by Christmas?

Don’t panic.. No, really.. Don’t panic.

Because I am here with the TaylorMade way to kickstart your weight loss. Read this guide during your lunch break and then take rapid action, and very soon you’ll be on your way to manifesting your bikini body.

Weight loss and feeling good about yourself, has never been so simple.

1.   Throw that ‘diet’ out of the window.

Diets can (+ do) produce results really quickly. I know that, and you know that, but we also know what happens when we stop dieting. We suddenly pile the weight back on and this can leave us feeling both super inflated yet also deflated. Rather than turning to a fad celebrity diet plan, say hello to these simple tips: cut down on carbs, drink plenty of water, increase your vegetable intake, increase your protein and make exercise your new hobby.

When it comes to eating, think like a french girl : Enjoy everything in moderation, and taste a little bit of what you fancy, rather than polish off the dessert trolley.

2. Schedule your appointment + try 3D Lipo.

3D Lipo has fast developed a celebrity following and here at the Clinic, we have been inundated with bookings and emails, from those of you eager to try it.

With the ability to remove fat in a safe, non surgical way, the 3D Lipo machine can be used on both the face and body. Utilising methods called Cavitation (for inch loss)  and Cryolipolysis (to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat), fat cells are physically destroyed and then released back into the body.

With minimal downtime weight loss has never been this  easy.

Of course, this needs to be combined with a good weight loss plan that also covers food, exercise and mindset. But incorporate 3D Lipo into your bikini body plan and you’ll see the pounds disappear faster.

3. Get your bikini body mindset (+ as a result you’ll stick at this!)

One of the biggest reasons that we struggle with weight loss, is that we allow our mind and our desires to control us.

How many times have you been doing amazingly well on your health program and then your subconscious side tracks you and send you straight to  self sabotage?

I know, I know, that donut was just calling you….but if you’d also worked on your mindset, then you’d have been the one who was in control of things.

One fast way to rid yourself of that oh so annoying craving is to do this effective exercise, often used by Hypnotherapists:

Close your eyes, imagine the food that you have the most difficult time avoiding. See it, smell it, maybe even touch it…. Feels good doesn’t it? Next, think about something that you find repulsive and couldn’t imagine eating …… and imagine the food that you’re craving, smeared and thoroughly caked in it.

I know, it’s gross isn’t it, but if you can then visualize the food that you have a hard time resisting caked in whatever your ‘gross thing’ is, and then imagine taking a big bite into it… you’ll QUICKLY change your mind about wanting to eat it.

Try it, and let me know how you get on with this.

The beauty of this therapeutic technique, is that you can carry this out and nobody ever know that you’re doing it, which makes it great when you’re stood eyeing up those cakes in the patisserie!

The main thing that I want you to take away from this blog post, is the confidence to know that weight loss really can be simple. Us humans are great at over complicating things, and pardon the pun, but when it comes to weight loss, we can make a real meal  of it. If you can just stick to some simple and basic food principles, slot in a session for 3D Lipo, and get to grips with your weight loss mindset, results should come in fast for you.

As always, if you have any questions, then myself and Chloe and Katherine are here for you, and if you would like to book in for a treatment, then it’s as easy as heading here.

Looking forward to seeing those selfies of you on your summer holiday!

Until the next time,

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Permanent MakeUp

3 ways to wake up looking (+ feeling) fabulous – on a daily basis

3 ways to wake up looking (+ feeling) fabulous – on a daily basis 1000 581 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Do you spring out of bed, and fall in love with what you see in the mirror? Or, like many of us, does your morning start off more like this…. You hit the snooze button (several times over!), you drag yourself out from under your duvet, only to arrive at the bathroom mirror, looking far from human, let alone anything close to fabulous.

The way that you FEEL, first thing in the morning is actually really important. You are setting yourself up for the day that is ahead of you. By making 3 simple changes to the way that you wake up daily, you can have a huge impact not only on your psychology, but also on the way that you live in general. Below, are my 3 ways to wake up looking (+ feeling) fabulous. We’ll be talking permanent makeup, facials, and mindset tips!

1. Wake up + take a ‘moment’.

Don’t worry, I am not going to tell you to spring out of bed in the morning and be thankful for the world around you. But, one great way to start the day, is to set your alarm just 5 minutes early, and take a moment to ‘CHOOSE your attitude’. How do you want to feel today? This tip is oh so simple but the effects really can be life changing.

Think about the mood that you want to be in. Visualise the day that you’d like to see happen unfolding. Know, that YOU get to choose your mindset. Just FEEL how you want to feel, and allow yourself to ‘take a moment’. Then, move onto the next step.

2. Prepare for the ‘you’ that you want to see in the mirror.

If you’ve followed the first step and are feeling fabulous, but then you head into the bathroom and take one look in the mirror, and are not happy with the face staring back at you-  your whole mood changes. If you start your day feeling negative, then everything else is affected. So, make it your mission, to work on preparing your appearance so that you LOVE what you see staring back at you. Here are my top tips on how to achieve that:

  • Treat yourself to a regular facial. I highly recommend the HydraFacial, which addresses just about any skin concern and gives you that Celebrity wow factor. From deep hydration, to plumping out fine lines + wrinkles, from treating acne and reducing Hyperpigmentation and pore size, this is a must for everyone.
  • Wake up to Makeup – I don’t know about you, but I usually feel better, once I’ve put on my makeup. Permanent MakeUp means that you can wake up to makeup, (and wake up to feeling fabulous) every single morning.. Eyebrows, eyeliner, and even your lipliner, can now all be ‘done for you’. This not only means that you LOOK better, it also saves you a heap of time in the morning. Now who doesn’t want a piece of that? Permanent makeup really can (+ will) change your life for the better.
  • Drink some lemon water. A great way to start the day is to drink some lemon water, ideally warm water (as it’s more gentle on the digestive system), with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Not only will it detox your entire system, it’s great for your complexion.

3. Create (+use) a ‘secret weapon’ daily ritual.

If you’ve adopted steps 1 + 2, you’re on your way to a whole new you when you start your morning rituals. One way that you can keep the momentum going, is to create (+use) a ‘secret weapon’ daily ritual, that will act as a ‘trigger’ to fire off a positive mindset.

One example, (and it’s best to keep this super simple), is to treat yourself to a luxurious body lotion  and and as you go about your morning beauty rituals, massage it into your body and imagine that you are coating yourself in positivity.

Know, that every time you reapply this body lotion, (on your lunch break for example), you are triggering that positive mindset and are reminding yourself that you are CHOOSING fabulous.

So, there you have it. From choosing your morning mindset, to permanent makeup and secret weapon rituals – say hello to tomorrow morning, and wake up looking (+feeling!) FABULOUS.

Let me know over on our Facebook Page how you get on with this, and enjoy the rest of today,

Until the next time,

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Skin Debunk

Are you doing these eight things to your face? Here’s Our Skin Debunk

Are you doing these eight things to your face? Here’s Our Skin Debunk 960 643 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

How are your new year’s health goals going? If one of your resolutions was to take better care of your skin, you’ll be glad you stumbled upon this blog post.

It features eight, very enlightening points about your face – and what you should and shouldn’t be doing for optimum skin health. So, if you’re doing one (or more) of these things to your complexion, it’s time to rethink. Read on for the Helen Taylor Aesthetics skin debunk.

That’s right, we’re exposing some of the myths about skin, skincare routines and skincare to ensure you can enjoy a brighter, fresher face this year.

Skipping SPF

We’re sorry, but it simply isn’t okay to skip SPF in winter. The general consensus may be that your skin doesn’t need protection during the cooler months, but that simply isn’t true. Vogue explains why you need sunscreen or SPF year-round. After all, you get one face – and it’s vital you look after it.

The site suggests:“Incidental sun exposure—the kind experienced on a daily commute—has a cumulative effect that results in fine lines and sagging skin” and our founder Helen agrees.

Wearing sunscreen all year is a must, so make sure you incorporate it into your skincare routine.

Skin Debunk

Avoiding Chocolate

Despite what well-meaning relatives or friends will tell you, there is no evidence between chocolate and pimples – so tuck in if you enjoy a chunk every now and then. After all, a little bit of what you enjoy won’t harm.

If you’re suffering from acne-prone skin, chat to our team at Helen Taylor Aesthetics about your options. We have a Taylormade Hydrafacial just for you, for example – and we also offer chemical peels for stubborn acne marks and scars.

Sitting in the Shade

You aren’t immune from sun damage, simply because you choose to sit in the shade. In fact, that’s one of the biggest skin myths out there!

According to skincancer.org, “people can spend long hours in the shade while still receiving quite a lot of sun exposure and risking sun damage”. Be safe, folks – slather that sunscreen on!

Scrubbing Oily Skin with Exfoliators

Got oily skin? Maybe harsh exfoliators and cleansers featuring micro beads form part of your usual skincare routine.

Well, it’s time to rethink your beauty regime! Self.com offers nine ways you could be contributing to even oiler skin – and over-scrubbing is suggested as one of them. The site says you should avoid pore-clogging products too. Why not chat to us about a skincare regime that’s devised just for you, as well as a programme of regular facials? Or book your free consultation here.

Skin Debunk

Using Only Expensive Skincare Brands

While there’s something very luxurious about using premium skincare, doing so may not be the best course of action for your skin. Often, the fewer products the better. Stay tuned here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics, as we’re working hard behind the scenes to devise our own range of skin-loving cleansers and moisturisers and we’re pretty sure you’ll love them.

Stockpiling Anti-Ageing Creams

While a good skincare routine may help keep your complexion hydrated, don’t be fooled by products that promise the earth and ingredient lists filled with chemicals you can’t pronounce.

The BBC suggests that scientific-sounding products aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be, so don’t be tempted to panic-buy anti-ageing creams. Instead, try a targeted, bespoke approach to skincare, selecting the products that work best for your skin type.

Washing Your Face Too Much

This point ties in with over-scrubbing your face with harsh cleansers; washing your face too much can also be a no-no – even if you don’t have oily skin. Allure offers some advice on how often you should cleanse your skin, so if you’re doing it too often, maybe it’s time to revise your skincare routine.

Be aware that your skin’s needs may change as you age too; for example, skincare at 30 may be drastically different to your regime at 20. If you need some advice on the best treatment(s) for you, why not book your free consultation with us?

Trying ‘Professional’ Treatments at Home

You may well have heard that dermarolling at home is much cheaper than visiting a clinic. But please don’t be tempted to try professional treatments like this yourself. True, you may save yourself a few pounds, but is it worth the risk that you might permanently damage your skin? We say definitely not.

 Skin Debunk

Instead, chat to us about how we can devise a bespoke plan for you that’ll target all your skin woes and boost your confidence. Alternatively, book your free consultation here.

urge incontinence

A New You Awaits in 2019

A New You Awaits in 2019 2000 2999 Helen Taylor Aesthetics

Want to start 2019 as you mean to go on? If you’re suffering from urge incontinence as a result of age or multiple births, you can discover more about the Hifu Vela-V max vaginal tightening treatment here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics.

Offering superior female rejuvenation and tightening, the revolutionary machine can help with urge incontinence as a result of laughing, coughing or sneezing – and our clients tell us it’s changed their lives. In fact, why not read all about Sarah’s experience of the Hifu treatment by taking a look at one of our recent blogs.

In it, Sarah tells all about the procedure – and she does so candidly to ensure anyone who’s thinking about the treatment needn’t feel daunted about it. With three children, Sarah knows only too well the strains that multiple births can put on the female body – and she’s thrilled that after a relatively short treatment, she can now go about her day without worrying she’ll have an ‘accident’.

Did the urge incontinence treatment we performed on Sarah hurt? She describes it as like ‘having just got off a bike’, saying the muscles certainly feel like they’ve had a workout. But overall, she was pleased with how soon she was off the treatment couch – after just 45 minutes to be exact.

A revolutionary treatment for stress incontinence

Hifu Vela-V max really is the go-to treatment for stress incontinence – and you needn’t worry about the procedure itself. Applying high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to deliver energy into the deeper layers of skin (SMAS layer), as well as the dermis layer, this smooth and quick treatment is non-invasive.

What’s more, results from this stress incontinence procedure are immediate, which means that you can go about your day in no time and enjoy the results straight away.

What should I expect from the vaginal tightening procedure?

First things first: remember that we do this procedure on a near-daily basis, so aside from the fact we’re experts at it, we won’t worry about seeing your private bits and pieces – and neither should you! We’re all ladies here and you shouldn’t feel daunted about visiting us for the treatment.

If you do find yourself feeling a little bit apprehensive, please do take some time to read a blog post we created about pre-appointment anxieties. It may help to alleviate any of your fears before you visit us.

During the procedure itself, we’ll insert a special probe into the vagina (don’t worry; it isn’t as scary as it sounds!). Once the relevant settings are chosen, the probe will auto-rotate to ensure delivering this effective treatment is both simple and smooth.

You can look forward to no downtime or bleeding – only an improved quality of life where female incontinence is concerned. Hooray to that!

Want to hear more about vaginal tightening here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics? Chat to our friendly and discreet team today and we’ll happily answer any of your questions. Alternatively, you can book in for your free consultation by clicking here.