Cheek Filler

Want a rejuvenated appearance? Cheek filler could be the answer.

  • Performed by our highly-skilled aestheticians, dermal filler for the cheeks works to plump the area to offer a fresher, brighter look. An entirely normal problem, sunken cheeks are the result of our genetics, as well as the natural ageing process.

    Contouring the cheeks and restoring lost volume for a plumper appearance, cheek filler at Helen Taylor Aesthetics may help to renew your confidence.

  • Used to fight the signs of ageing on the lips, nose, tear trough and the cheek, these fillers perform exceptionally well, due to their high levels of hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring skin component that is injected into the desired area. Retaining up to a thousand times its weight in water, it can lift sunken cheeks to give you a more striking appearance and an even bigger smile as a result of your newfound confidence.

    With an immense ability to retain moisture, as well as soften and smooth out the skin, the hyaluronic acid also increases skin’s elasticity by boosting collagen production. Requiring optimum precision and skill, this treatment is safe and minimally invasive.

  • Results can be seen immediately, with little to no downtime. Ready to discuss how cheek fillers can give you more confidence? Get in touch with our team over here.