Meet Chloe O’Leary…

Having established herself as a key member of the Helen Taylor Aesthetics team, therapist Chloe is now our clinic manager – and such is her passion for our treatment menu, that she’d love to try everything on it!

“I’d have it all done,” said Chloe, referring to the many body boosting and face defining therapies we offer. “Since I’ve started working for Helen I’ve wanted to have my lips done; I suppose I’m being greedy saying I’d try everything else as well, but I’d definitely like a fuller pout.”

For Chloe, one of the best things about the role is seeing the difference the clinic makes to people’s confidence.

“One of my focuses is 3D Lipo – and seeing the clients walk out with a smile is what makes working here worthwhile.”

Chloe agrees that advancements in beauty are taking place at breakneck speed. “The industry’s changed so much already and I really couldn’t predict what the big thing will be next”