A Thorough Consultation: The First Stage of Beauty Therapy

Before going ahead with any cosmetic treatment, it’s essential to have a professional consultation with your chosen technician.

Beauty is such a personal thing that means different things to different people, and I use my consultations to really get to know every one of my clients.

I also use this pre-treatment meeting to better understand the look that my client is aiming to achieve.

There are a number of dangers associated with using a technician that you’re unfamiliar with. A lack of effective communication may result in the technician using the wrong colour for your eyebrows or creating a shape that doesn’t flatter your facial features.

I know a lady who received a voucher for Mother’s Day for a beauty technician but she just didn’t feel comfortable going to see that particular person; she trusted her gut feeling that something was amiss. She checked out some of the technician’s work but didn’t feel that it was right for her. When she came to me and had her treatment done she was completely relieved and pleased that she found she could trust me.

Ultimately, it’s your face, and your decision

Having any type of semi-permanent or permanent beauty treatment is about much more than a casual appointment at any old place.

Remember that you are not just going to see someone to ‘put brows on your face’ – you need to find an expert who will discuss the range of colours/pigments and styles available to you.

A skilled technician will offer you an eyebrow treatment that will lift your face and enhance your features. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re not happy and don’t be shy about asking anything that you feel will offer a more comprehensive picture of the experience.

Do research to make sure you are properly informed before undergoing any procedure; this may involve meeting a number of technicians before you find the one you are happy with.

You’re investing time, money and trust into your beauty treatments and, in return, you should receive the highest standards of care and quality.

All professional technicians will expect you to pay for a consultation or leave a deposit, and will also show you their terms and conditions in a clear, readable format. Ask your therapist how long they have been in the business, and whether they have previous examples of their work, perhaps on a professional website.

Check them out on social media and Google to make sure they are reputable. You can also ask around friends and your local community for recommendations from people that you trust.

How the consultation works

At our meeting, I will analyse your face shape and features to work out the most complementary brow style for you. I will advise on the best colours to flatter your skin tone, hair and eyes, using a mix of the highest grade, hypoallergenic pigments to create natural colours. Once we have established the best look for you, I will draw the brows on with a makeup pencil so you can make sure you are happy before we go ahead.

I advise my clients to bring along photos or magazine cutouts if they have seen a brow style that they like. I will give honest advice and recommend an alternative look if I feel they are aiming for something that may not flatter them. I have turned people away in the past if I believe their expectations are a little unrealistic.

All my potential clients must also fill out a medical and consent form to determine whether they are right for the procedure; is against my professional integrity to work with anyone who is psychologically vulnerable and I will advise against treatment if I believe that a client is having it for the wrong reasons.

A consultation can be used as a pre-treatment chat if you have already decided you would like to proceed with my treatment, or as a way to help you make your mind up about whether you wish to go ahead. If you are concerned about the process being painful, don’t be! All my treatments are pretty pain-free and conducted in a sterile environment.

Joint effort

Thankfully, almost all of my initial consultations turn into clients and we achieve some fabulous results!

I will always be available to answer any questions and have a chat.

I’m proud of my work as I produce long-lasting, effective results by making sure my clients are involved at every step of the process.