Derma Rolling

Repairing skin damage and rejuvenating the complexion, derma rolling helps regenerate new skin cells by encouraging a clever, wound-healing process. Don’t worry though; this isn’t as scary as it sounds. Instead, by promoting this unique healing response, the skin works hard to renew itself.

  • Enjoy a fresher, brighter complexion with derma rolling. In order to renew itself, the derma roller (the piece of equipment used in a derma rolling treatment) needs to reach the dermis (the middle layer of the skin). By doing so, it can trigger collagen production to encourage skin resurfacing.

    Helping with everything from fine lines and wrinkles to acne scarring, the treatment promotes collagen production in the dermis. Penetrating the epidermis without removing it, a standard derma roller features over 150 small, short needles. These are gently rolled over the skin, which creates tiny pricks. What this does is cause ‘mini trauma’ to the skin, activating its natural regeneration process.

    By creating new and healthier collagen, the skin has chance to renew itself to ensure the patient looks brighter and fresher post-treatment.

  • Results can be seen almost immediately, with further improvements visible in the coming weeks and months, as the skin continues to refresh itself.

    Producing comparable results to lasers and chemical peels, but at a fraction of the cost, derma rolling is minimally invasive and extremely safe. Contact us today to book your no-obligation consultation.