Lip Fillers

Want fuller, softer lips? Ageing is to blame for a thinning pout, but here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics, we can transform your lips to ensure they’re more than selfie-ready.

If your lips have shrunk and lost shape, or if their natural pigment has begun to fade, we can help. After all, when our lips slowly become more lined, it’s even harder to apply lipstick and lip gloss – but we can revert them to what they were like when you were younger – just say the word! Or two words: ‘lip’ and ‘fillers’.

  • There’s a reason why lip fillers are one of the most Googled search terms in the UK – and it’s because they can enhance your natural pout, plumping it to make lips appear healthier and more feminine.

    Made of Hyaluronic Acid (or HA) – a substance that’s naturally found in the body, lip fillers offer a natural, subtle look. Once injected, HA is easily broken down over the months – which means this won’t be a permanent procedure. Our clients love that fact, since they can slowly dip their toe into lip fillers and decide if they’d like to continue plumping their pout for longer-term results.

  • Following your consultation – which gives you the chance to ask our therapists any questions you may have about lip fillers – you’ll visit our clinic for a second time. It’s during this appointment that we’ll apply a numbing cream to the area, before carefully injecting your lips with the filler.

    You may experience some slight bruising following your appointment and you’ll leave the clinic with full, aftercare instructions to ensure speedy healing and the very best results.

  • Expect results immediately, followed by some mild swelling. Lasting anywhere from 12 and 48 hours, the area can be eased a little with an ice pack. Within three days, you should notice soft, smooth and plumper lips!