Lip Fillers

Everyone wants fuller, softer lips that look healthy and attractive.
I can give them to you.

Unfortunately with age, our lips suffer. They shrink and lose shape and the natural pigment begins to fade. Our lips also become lined, making it harder to apply lip make up.

The good news is that my permanent cosmetics can give your lips far more definition by using colours that enhance your natural lip colour.

Lip procedures enhance the beauty of well-shaped lips or re-shape old and tired ones.

Properly applied, permanent lip colour can correct asymmetry, add definition and fullness, and enlarge thin lips. The perceived volume of the lips is increased with a subtle natural colour.A detailed analysis is performed before the treatment. I’ll carefully draw on your the lip line and I won’t start the procedure until this is perfect and until you’re completely satisfied with the shape and colour.
These highly skilled lip treatments have a profound anti-ageing effect with an entirely natural and flattering look that brings the ‘smile’ back to your mouth.

After your lip treatment has healed, you don’t have to worry about smearing lipstick on your teeth or reapplying your lipstick colour.
If age has taken away colour, shape and definition, the solution is simple. Give corners of your mouth a lift and take years off your appearance!

Choose your perfect lip treatment:

Lip liner: This gives you an ultra thin liner for a subtle perfect outline. Soft or bold, the choice is yours.
Lip blush: This gives you a soft hint of colour for a natural gloss effect finish, with a beautiful subtle lip colour.
Full lip treatment: This involves an all-over tint with soft translucent colour. (It may take three sessions for you to get the desired effect.)

If you’d like a fuller look without needing lipstick, get in touch today for a no-obligation FREE consultation.