Lip Liner


For many of us, softer, fuller lips are extremely desirable – and here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics, we can help you achieve them via a permanent lip stain or lip liner.

The Treatment

As we age, our lips sadly suffer. Losing shape, the natural pigment begins to fade, and they also become lined, making it much harder to apply make-up. But permanent cosmetics can give your lips more definition, enhancing the beauty of a well-shaped pout, or reshaping an old and tired one.

When correctly applied, permanent lip colour or lipstick tattoo, can correct asymmetry, add definition and volume, and give the appearance of a fuller, yet natural-looking pout. With a profound anti-ageing effect, permanent lip cosmetics can bring the ‘smile’ back to your mouth.

What to Expect

Before your treatment, our team will perform a detailed analysis of your lips. Carefully drawing on your lip line, we won’t begin the procedure until it looks perfect and you’re completely satisfied with the proposed shape and colour.

Once your lip treatment has healed, you won’t have to worry about smearing lipstick on your teeth – or reapplying lip colour throughout the day.

The Results

Expect beautiful, natural-looking results from your chosen lip treatment. Let’s have a look at the treatments on offer:

Lip Liner – An ultra-fine liner for a subtle outline, semi-permanent lip liner can be applied soft or bold – the choice is yours

Lip Blush – Offering a soft hint of colour for a natural, gloss-effect finish, the end result of our lip blush is a beautifully subtle lip colour.

Full Lip Treatment – Involving an all-over tint with a soft, translucent colour, the full lip treatment offers a fresh and subtle look. Please note: it may take three sessions to achieve the desired effect.

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