Face Mask Acne – How We Can Help

Professional Treatments for “Maskne” at Helen Taylor Aesthestics Clinic in Rugby, Warwickshire

2020 has been a challenging year for many of us, and now we have another to contend with. Face Mask Acne, or “Maskne”, is a growing problem which our clients are suffering from, and they are seeking help at our Rugby aesthetics clinic. Many of our clients are not used to wearing face coverings for long periods of time, and are struggling with redness and breakouts of spots and pimples.

Clearly, it is vital that we all wear our masks when in public during the Covid-19 pandemic, so what can we do to resolve this frustrating issue? At Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in Rubgy, Warwickshire, we are the experts in improving the health of your skin and can recommend specialist skin remodelling treatments for you. 

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What Causes Face Mask Acne?

Face Mask Acne, Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in Rugby, WarwickshireOne important distinction to clarify is that regular acne is often caused by hormonal fluctuations whilst Maskne is not.

Face Mask Acne is the result of the mask continually rubbing against your skin. This can result in micro-tears on the surface of the skin, allowing bacteria and dirt to clog up your pores and causing breakouts. 

The build up of moisture inside your mask can lead to sweat, oil and bacteria clogging up your skin. Dead skin cells cannot be shed as the mask is designed to limit air flow – causing a skin care disaster!

How Can I Prevent My Face Mask Causing Spots?

Minimise the risk of Maskne developing by following our simple guide below….  

  • Wear a clean mask – You should wash your mask daily, either in the washing machine or on a warm hand wash, to ensure good levels of hygiene.
  • Use gentle cleansing products – ask your Helen Taylor therapist to recommend gentle cleansers – a harsh cleanser could make your maskne worse.
  • Use natural materials for your masks – synthetic materials can be harsh to your skin, look for cotton or silk masks, which you should use if possible.
  • Make sure your mask fits – If your mask fits poorly it is more likely to rub against your skin, make sure it is nether too big nor too small.
  • Stay hydrated – well hydrated skin will be less prone to to open pores and breakouts, so make sure that you’re topping up your water bottle regularly and book in for a deeply hydrating treatment at Helen Taylor Aesthetics clinic in Rugby.
  • Ditch the make up wherever possible – suffocating your skin with heavy make up products when it is already suffering isn’t a good idea – besides, if you’re wearing your mask you’re just wasting your products! Focus instead on creating sensational eye make up looks and working on improving your skin beneath the mask.

Which Treatments Can Help With My Face Mask Acne?

So you’ve followed all the tips above and you’re still being troubled by unsightly breakouts – what can you do? We’d recommend that you book an appointment to see your Helen Taylor specialist where we can assess your skin and recommend the best course of treatments from the range we offer out our aesthetics clinic in Rugby. 

Byonik Laser Treatment in Rugby

A Byonik laser treatment course at Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in Rugby can help to reduce the appearance of your “maskne” blemishes. This laser treatment uses Haluronic Acid gel, which is packed with antioxidants, alongside a pulse-triggered laser to send infra-red light deep into the structure of your skin. The light is anti-bacterial, detoxifying your skin and encouraging new collagen generation.

This pain free treatment helps to reduce the size of your pores, whilst repairing and rejuvenating your skin. Find out more about our Byonik Laser Treatments here

Skin Remodelling at Top West Midlands Aesthetics Clinic

If your skin is dry, damaged or discoloured from the effects of your face mask acne, book in for a skin remodelling treatment at our Rugby aesthetics clinic. These gently exfoliating treatments can reduce the sings of ageing and can also improve the appearance of rosacea and acne, whilst boosting the production of new skin cells. 

Chemicals are involved, but these range from gentle plant compounds (such as glycolic and salicylic acid) to lift away dead skin cells and brighten the complexion. Find out more about our exfoliating facial treatments here

Beyonce’s Favourite Facial – The Hydrafacial

The Hydrafacial treatment is of our favourite services for improving dry and dull skin, infusing moisture into dehydrated skin. The Hydrafacial deeply cleanses your skin, removes dead skin cells and extracts debris from the pores (seeing the debris following the treatment is also a big hit with our clients!). 

Working hard to benefit congested and acne prone skin, the Hydrafacial protects your skin and rebuilds collagen levels, leaving you with an enviably beautiful complexion. Find out more and book your Hydrafacial appointment here

Improve the Appearance of Face Mask Acne at Top Warwickshire Aesthetics Clinic

At Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in Rugby, Warwickshire, we offer a wide range of facial treatments which can be used to tackle your mask related breakouts. Book a free consultation with one of our specialists who will analyse your skin and recommend the best treatments for you. Call us on 0800 690 6871 or find out how to further contact us here