How To Get Younger Hands

Get Younger-Looking Hands with The Best Hand Treatments at Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in Rugby

age spot removal, younger hands, dermal fillers, helen taylor aesthetics salon, rugbyYou’ve got to ‘hand’ it to our team; we don’t miss a trick when it comes to ensuring our customers always look and feel great: the latest celebrity-endorsed treatment has been on our menu for some time!

What are we talking about? Hand injections! TV presenter Anthea Turner has been singing the treatment’s praises as it really can make a difference when it comes to our continual quest to appear more youthful. So, let’s talk you through the treatment and its benefits…

What are hand injections?

Designed to take years off the appearance of your hands, the injections use filler to smooth out wrinkles. The former Blue Peter and GMTV star has undergone the treatment, which cost her £475 – and she’s more than happy with the results.

Well, did you know we offer it here at our Rugby-based clinic? Helping turn back the clock on ageing – in terms of your appearance, at least – the injections are minimally invasive.

Why can hand injections help?

If you’re working on pepping up the skin on your face, perhaps your hands need the same level of TLC? These revolutionary hand injections can certainly help then, ensuring those with wrinkles and lines can enjoy a smoother, bump-free appearance.

How do hand injections work?

We all know that fillers help plump up the facial skin, but they also work on the hands. A great option to restore loss of volume from the back of the hands, it’s a treatment we’ve been performing for some time here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics.

With results lasting up to a year, the treatment isn’t too uncomfortable either. While you may think that the insertion of a needle into the back of your hand could mean you leave the clinic feeling a little sore, that isn’t the case at all. A surprisingly pain-free treatment, you won’t feel much at all once the needle’s inserted.

So, get ready to draw attention to your hands, as this treatment will leave you with softer, more silky skin. Interested in hearing more? Book your no-obligation consultation here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our consultations are performed in the clinic, or we even offer a FaceTime or Skype chat, for those of you who live too far away from our Rugby premises.

Want a little help elsewhere? Here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics we offer a host of treatments designed to ensure you leave our clinic feeling great – and from top to toe. From bespoke facials to tackle every kind of skin concern, to 3DLipo for those stubborn areas of fat.

Why not chat to us about our new Taylor Made Treatments (TMT), too, which will help you address all your concerns for one great price. It’s a newly-introduced service that we’re excited to roll out here at the clinic, so do not hesitate to get in touch with Helen and the team.