Hello Sunshine, Hello Waistline – Weight Loss Tips For Summer

Weight Loss For Spring & Summer – Treatments at Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in Rugby

It’s that time of year again where the jackets come off, the t.shirts come out, and everything around the middle just seems more…. Visible. Hello sunshine and hello waistline…..

Now for some of us, we can’t wait to show a bit of midriff, but for a lot  of us, the thought of showing off our waistline leaves us asking ‘where exactly did this come from?’ whilst tugging on our belly’.

Weight Loss is something that most of us are probably thinking about at the moment, and there’s always something about spring and summer that inspires to look and feel better.

But weight loss can seem so daunting, when there are is so much advice out there, about how to achieve massive inch loss, in order to look good and feel better. Diets, pills, exercise plans and 3D Lipo – just exactly where should you start if you want to be celebrating your weight loss by the time we get to summer?

Think about long term changes rather than fad diets.

Fad diets may leave you lookingslender, but as soon as you go back to regular eating, the weight loss is history and the weight just piles back on again. Starving yourself of vital nutrients and calories will leave you feeling depressed and well.. Hungry.

Your metabolism needs to be constantly fired in order for it to work properly and efficiently, so create a plan that sees you eating little and often.

Not sure what to eat? Think protein (fish, eggs, lean meat such as Turkey), nuts, berries and lots of green vegetables). And don’t forget to drink lots of water! Also, don’t think of all fat as being bad fat – greek yogurt, avocado and olive oil and whole eggs are great for weight loss.

Implement these changes and eat do this daily and you will notice weight loss that is sustainable.

Start a course of 3D Lipo for inch loss  and skin tightening

3D Lipo is the best treatment on the market in my opinion for helping with fat loss and inch loss and can really kick start and boost any weight loss plan that you are going to follow.

To get started is really simple: book a free consultation and we can assess which kind of treatment plan is right for you (general fat loss or more localised fat loss for example). A course of around 8 treatments is usually recommended, but I prefer to go for a more #TaylorMade approach and create a treatment plan that is individual just like you are.

Not only will 3D Lipo have the fat cells disappearing from you, you can also use Radiofrequency in order to then tone and tighten that specific area, as there is nothing more frustrating after a successful round of weight loss, than still wanting to hide yourself because of the excess skin around you.

Be proactive, start a healthy eating plan, book in for 3D Lipo and make sure that you exercise. There is no ‘one size fits all miracle cure’ when it comes to long term weight loss. One thing alone will not keep the results for you. You need to use these things in combination and you should be pleasantly surprised at the success that you have with your weight loss.

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