HIFU Vaginal Tightening: Sarah’s Experience

Vaginal Tightening Treatments At Helen Taylor Aesthetics In Rugby 

When you consider that between three and six million people in the UK have some degree of urinary incontinence (according to the NHS), you can rest assured that you’re far from alone if you’re suffering from it too.

Sarah Armstrong, who’s local to our aesthetics clinic in Rugby, is just one of those six million people. Having had three children naturally, she’s far more prone to the condition – and wasn’t at all daunted about visiting us here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics to alleviate the issue.

Introducing the vaginal HIFU Vela-V Max procedure, then. It’s designed to alleviate the problems associated with urinary incontinence, tightening a lady’s intimate area to ensure unexpected leaks can quickly become a thing of the past.

As seen on TV, the vaginal tightening procedure helps with stress incontinence as a result of laughing, coughing, sneezing or even trampolining. Clients undergoing the treatment will notice results in as little as a week, with the effects lasting anywhere from 18 months to three years.

Sarah tried the treatment out for herself recently – and here’s what she had to say…

“I’ve had three children – all of them natural births. I’ve certainly noticed a difference [in toilet habits] since then. Some of my friends who’ve had kids have, too. I wear pads every day, just to be on the safe side.”

To help combat her issues with urinary urgency and incontinence, Sarah came to see Chloe – our friendly, clinic manager and clinic therapist.

“For some reason, when I heard the word ‘ultrasound’, I thought I wouldn’t feel it– and the treatment would be like magic. But you can definitely feel it. It feels like your muscles contracting and it’s a little bit uncomfortable.” she says.

Describing the treatment as like ‘having just got off a bike’, Sarah says the muscles certainly feel like they’ve had a workout. But overall, she was pleased with how soon she was off the treatment couch, with the procedure lasting an extremely manageable 45 minutes.

Of course, she can’t wait for the results and the day she’ll be able to go pad-free, saying: “it can take a while to notice the effects, but it’ll be so worth it!”

Intrigued to try the HIFU treatment out for yourself? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team, who can see you for a no-obligation consultation here in our clinic. During your appointment, we’ll let you in on what you can expect when you book in for the procedure, answering any questions you may have. To hear more or book your consultation, head here.

In the meantime, pop over to our Facebook page to watch our recent live Q&A. In it, Sarah tells all about her experience at our clinic, having just walked out of the treatment when we rope her in to ‘go live’.

Don’t forget: if you don’t live locally but you’re still keen to hear more about HIFU vaginal tightening, you can book in for a Skype or FaceTime consultation – simply click here to learn more.