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Lose Weight With The Skinny Shot – Fat Loss Injections at Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in Rugby

FAT LOSS INJECTIONS Helen Taylor Aesthetics Salon, Rugby, WarwickshireHelen Taylor Aesthetics Salon, Rugby, WarwickshireWe are pleased to bring you a new fat loss injection called The Skinny Shot which is designed to target those stubborn pockets of fat we thought would NEVER go!

It works by converting the fat stores within your body into energy, resulting in weight-loss. It also steadies and maintains blood glucose levels so that your appetite is suppressed, but your body does not go into starvation mode. 

We would always recommend it alongside a healthy low calorie diet and you must remain well hydrated. Your metabolism will remain maintained so that no rapid weight gain will occur once you have finished using The Skinny Shot.


How Do I Take The Skinny Shot?

A simple and painless daily tiny injection using a very easy to use dose adjusted pen that is pre-filled with the medication. All you have to do is set the dial to the correct dosage and inject under the skin of the abdomen.  

You must follow the administration, dosing and instructions provided to you by our medical practitioners in order to minimise the risk of side effects and safely achieve your desired weight-loss goals.  You will also receive weekly follow-up reviews so we can monitor and record your weight, blood pressure, dose adjustments and blood glucose levels. Your medication will last 3-4 weeks dependent on your individual doseage plan. 

If you follow the instructions provided to you then you can expect to lose between 1-2 stone in 4-6 week period.

We cannot guarantee this for everybody-due to individual differences. However, this has been an average amount lost by The Skinny Shot clients who have trialed the new weight loss medication.

Are There Side Effects To Taking The Skinny Shot?

All medications have the potential for side effects but this newly approved weight loss medication is remarkedly well tolerated if taken as directed.  Some people experience slight nausea to begin with but most people find this soon dissipates with continued use. Other side effects may include dyspepsia and diarrhoea.

You will receive further information during your consultation, in which we will provide you with all the necessary information regarding this prescription medicine and tips to minimise any possible side effects.  The majority of those taking this medication experienced no side effects.

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