Self Care During Isolation

Self Care During Isolation - Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in Rugby

Hi everyone!

I’m writing this whilst at home, which a hugely alien concept for me and one I am strangely getting used to. I am coming to the realisation that actually if I don’t answer an email, text or WhatsApp within minutes of it dropping into my inbox the world still turns and absolutely nothing will go wrong or happen! I've also realised that the prospect of being with loved ones 24/7 with no break, no release and no end date actually isn’t that bad after all!

A week and a half in and I’ve not worn makeup, not set my alarm, I've exercised inside once or twice a day and taken the dogs for an hour walk once a day.  My food has been freshly cooked and healthy with the odd indulgence.  No rush, no expectations just calm…….

I have accepted that we are all in the same boat, I’m not the only one who has had to close their business by order of the government, so I’m not alone. I've accepted that the situation is what it is and surprised myself at how calm I am. So why is that?

Stress Management During The Lockdown

Stress can be evident in so many ways and sometimes we don’t even realise how ‘stressed’ we are, or how much tension we are holding in our body and minds, until it manifests in other ways.

Whether it be through awkward posture, frown lines on our face, tension in our shoulders, or tightness across our chest.  Mentally if we are stressed we can find it difficult to concentrate, suffer from loss of memory and sleep quality can be poor - these are only a few of the issues that may surface. 

If we are time poor, or feel overwhelmed, we tend to look to quick fixes for food and neglect to nourish our bodies with water, which could then lead to a poor diet which includes a lack of vitamins, minerals, hydration and can end up feeling sluggish as the body struggles to work. Your skin will also suffer very quickly, looking grey, lack lustre and feel drawn.

Similar to that of a car without fuel, we need water, fruit and vegetables to run efficiently and effectively.

We are often told that we need to be kind to ourselves, but do we actually know what that is? I’ve always found this a difficult one to answer until now.

It is quite easy to show yourself a little kindness when you allow yourself to do so. Start small by reading a book, doing a jigsaw or playing a board game with your family or something as simple as going for a walk. You could also take the time to recreate a spa or beauty appointment at home, with a homemade facial, manicure or pedicure or simply take the time to meditate and just be content in your own company.

If you would like any hints and tips on how to do a facial from home please do get in touch and we would be happy to guide you through the products you have and show you how to get the best out of them. For a video consultation click HERE

Next exciting job for me is to cut my partners hair……….the worst case scenario is that it’ll be a number 1 all over and he wont want to leave the house for a month, but he cant do that anyway so...….where did I put those scissors?

Stay safe everyone


Helen x