Last Minute Holiday Treats

Summer Skin Treats at Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in Rugby

It’s the summer holidays, and schools wrap up for six weeks very shortly. Maybe you are going to be jetting off on a plane somewhere, or perhaps you’ll be pitching that tent, going camping. Whatever you choose to do this summer, you’ll enjoy it more if you feel confident.

So, today, I have put together the 3 last minute treatments that YOU can squeeze in before your holiday so that you get that summer ready skin!


This facial will address any issues that your skin may be having and will leave you with a glow that is to die for. Summer ready skin is yours when you enjoy the Hydrafacial.

Whether you need your skin calming, balancing hydrating or plumping – the Hydrafacial is a firm favourite with clients, because it does as it says it will and the results are instant.

When to book in for one? Ideally the week before your holiday, or before then if you want to book a course of them.

How long will it take? As little as 30 mins if you opt for the express treatment.  

How much will it cost? You can get your first Hydrafacial for as little as £60.83 when you pay by Gocardless. Email us to find out more.


The CO2 facial is a new treatment at the clinic and is a form of CARBOXY THERAPY.

A gel like mask is applied to the skin, and then a paper mask is applied over the top of it and gentle pressure is applied. You’ll start to hear a lovely and satisfying fizzing sound, This shows you that your skin is being flooded with CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and your skin is being plumped, tightened, lifted and refreshed from the inside.

Summer ready skin will be instant when you treat yourself to this cutting edge facial.

Clients who have had this report that they cannot believe the results, their skin looks and feels smoother!

When to book in for one? Ideally the week before your holiday.

How long does the treatment take?

How much does it cost? Book in during July with Chloe or Katherine and get it for £99 (Usually £150) 

  1. 3D LIPO

3D Lipo is great to look and feel slimmer, right before your holiday, with an immediate improvement in the area treated and inch loss that will become visible in the weeks that follow the treatment. Using technology that offers several kinds of methods, from fat freezing, to fat melting and dissolving, how your body will be treated depends upon the size of the area being treated and the kind of fat that it being worked on.

3D Lipo is extremely popular with celebrities and Gemma Collins of TOWIE has recently lost TWO STONE using 3D Lipo.

When to book in for one? A couple of weeks before your holiday is fine as you will see an instant difference and tightening of the area. However, a course of sessions will provide bigger inch loss and we recommend one treatment per week for 8 sessions.

How long does the treatment take? 60 minutes.

How much does it cost? This depends on the area(s) being treated – please contact us for further details. 

So, as you can see, there are still some things that you can do, even if you are having a last minute panic about not feeling too confident before you go on holiday. All you need to do is take ACTION.

Email us at or call us on 0800 690 6871 and book your appointment now.

We look forward to treating you and hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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