Boost Your Energy Levels with Our Bespoke Vitamin Drips

Vitamin Drips And Infusions At The Helen Taylor Clinic, Rugby 

If you’re feeling tired and sluggish, a great diet and a good exercise regime will get you back on track. But, of course, we all know that real results take time – and we understand that you’d like to look and feel your best as soon as possible. Who wouldn’t, after all?

Busy lifestyles can dictate the way we look or feel, since little to no time to get to the gym can result in us feeling tired and de-motivated, and on-the-go, convenience meals won’t help to give our energy levels a boost, either.

So, what can you do? Thankfully, we have the answer here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics – and it may get you back to feeling like yourself again. Specially-formulated vitamin drip infusions administered at our clinic feature ingredients designed to energise you – and if your immune system has been compromised, intravenous vitamin drips can help. How though?

  • If you’re prone to colds, they may halt their development or prevent them altogether
  • Not sleeping or lacking energy? Boosting the vitamins and minerals in your body, intravenous vitamin drips can give you your energy back and help you sleep at night, too
  • Boosting vitamins C and B, these drips also offer magnesium to aid your muscles – meaning they’re ideal to support your gym routine.

On top of that, Vitamin D and B12 can also be administered as an intramuscular injection, which is ideal if you have a deficiency.

About the Energy-Boosting Myers’ Cocktail

No, it isn’t that kind of cocktail, we’re sorry to say! Instead, the Myers’ cocktail is a specially-formulated blend of vitamins which was originally the idea of Baltimore physician, John Myers. Containing various B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C among other medications, this traditional intravenous drip is delivered directly into the bloodstream, minus the usual upset stomach you might experience with oral vitamins.

Why opt for a Myers’ Cocktail Vitamin drip at Helen Taylor Aesthetics?

Achieving serum concentrations that cannot be obtained using oral dosing, vitamin drips at our Rugby-based clinic can give anyone suffering from fatigue or low energy the boost they deserve. The treatment is ideal if your digestive health has been compromised and you can’t, therefore, absorb orally administered nutrients very well.

Ready to hear more about the Myers’ Cocktail vitamin drip?

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