When Beth had her first TaylorMade® treatment

Dry Skin Transformation With Our New Treatments, Helen Taylor Aesthetics, Rugby

Hello everyone, it’s me, Helen, and this week I wanted to share a video with you.

The video is of my lovely client Beth, who came in to see us at the clinic the other week for her very first TaylorMade® treatment.

TaylorMade® treatments are available in the clinic and are designed to address your own unique skin concerns, helping you to look good and feel good in just around an hour! As you will see from this video, Beth was extremely happy with her treatment – her skin was positively glowing!

Beth’s main concern was that she has very dry skin –  and as a result of that finds it difficult to achieve a flawless look with her makeup.

Having recently reached the age of 40, Beth has decided that she wants to start treating her skin regularly. As anyone with dry skin knows, replenishing your skin’s natural moisture levels can seem to be a little bit challenging.

Beth herself admitted that she does not drink enough fluids, so naturally I advised her to increase her water intake. I then performed a TaylorMade® treatment that focus on intense hydration.

Before any treatment, removing make up is the first step and this is not the same as cleansing

I began Beth’s treatment by removing all traces of makeup, with a makeup remover. This is NOT the same as cleansing and after makeup is removed, I then treated Beth to a deep cleansing treatment to get her skin sparkling. 

I RECOMMEND: Using a makeup remover at home (all skin types) BEFORE cleansing so that your cleanser can then work properly where it is needed – on your skin.

Next came the TaylorMade® treatment…

Now you may be wondering ‘what exactly IS a TaylorMade® treatment and the answer is fairly simple – there is no clear cut answer to what defines this because we create a custom treatment that best suits YOU.

Beth’s treatment included two ‘treats’ of Carbon (to add hydration back into her skin) and oxygen (to rebalance and plump up her skin).

She also had a deep cleansing treatment using a handheld device that literally sucks the superficial dirt and debris from her skin. Once she was squeaky clean, Chloe applied a light peel, to brighten Beth’s skin and introduce a natural glow.

After the peel Beth had a deep extraction performed, to remove any excess sebum, or blackheads, and then Chloe treated her skin to an infusion of antioxidants, followed by some red light therapy, which left Beth feeling revived, relaxed and amazing.

So what is the future for the TaylorMade® treatment – and how can you get one?

The treatment will evolve continuously depending on what your skin requires at the given time of your appointment. You may need to be treated for dry skin but then they next time that we see you it could be for an outbreak.

As you will see in the video that I shared last week. I recently calmed down Chloe’s outbreak with a TaylorMade treatment. If you missed that, you can see it here.

We would recommend that you contact us and let us know what your personal skin concerns are, so that we can then have a chat with you about how we would treat it. But again, this could of course change, depending on what we literally ‘see’ when you arrive at the clinic.

Book an appointment, and we can perform a completely unique and bespoke treatment for you, that will leave your skin looking gorgeous and you feeling happy!.

Call us on  0800 690 6871 or send an email to hello@helentayloraesthetics.co.uk.

As always, it’s been a pleasure to talk to you and I look very much forward to witnessing the outstanding results that the TaylorMade treatment will provide for you.

Until the next time, don’t forget that YOU are unique – there is only one of you, and only you have the skin that you are living in .. so treat yourself (and your complexion) accordingly.

I look forward to hearing from you, take care,

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