Lift & Reshape Your Body

TaylorMade Packages At Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic In Rugby – Lift & Reshape Your Body 

TaylorMade Body Treatments, Helen Taylor Aesthetics Salon, Rugby, WarwickshireAs we age, there’s no doubt that most of us experience changes in our body… some of which may not be entirely welcome!  But do not despair as we can offer you TaylorMade packages at our Rugby clinic which can improve those flabby bingo wings, unsightly muffin tops, cellulite and stretch marks!

Our packages will be tailored entirely to you and your needs so make sure you book in for a complimentary consultation so we can assess your needs and explain the options available.  When you have multiple treatments we will devise a special TaylorMade package for you which will save you money when compared to having the treatments individually.

We might, for example, suggest a course of 3D Lipo treatments, dermaplaning or a Brazilian Bum Lift!  Whatever your body needs, we can help!

Simply give us a call on 0800 690 6871 or fill out the simple form below to either book in for a complimentary consultation or to book your appointment.