Permanent Make Up Maintenance

Permanent Makeup Maintenance

When visiting our clinic for a permanent cosmetics treatment, you’ll receive important aftercare instructions to help you take care of the treated areas for the days following your appointment. You’ll obtain these instructions verbally, from a member of our team, and as a handy aftercare sheet you can take away from our clinic.


Once your skin has healed – around four to six weeks later – you’ll visit us again for your retouch appointment. This is provided free of charge and will ensure we can top up any of the colour that has faded. This loss of colour is completely normal, since your skin will begin to naturally exfoliate and gradually fade any pigment.

On average, the colour will remain visible for approximately three years, although some particles of pigment may remain in the skin permanently. Exposure to the sun, tanning booths and some moisturisers and skin treatments may affect how long the pigment will last, with sun protection greatly improving its longevity. Always use a sun cream of at least 30SPF, to protect your skin whilst sunbathing or swimming.

A colour boost is advised every 18 months, to keep your results looking fresh. In most cases, this requires a single visit to the clinic, although you may need a top-up on this procedure within three months.

All lip and eye treatments include a free second application after one to three months; this is not always necessary but may be required if the colour does not heal evenly. For other permanent make-up treatments, a small charge will be incurred if a further top-up is needed.