Anti-Ageing Plasma Blast

Anti-Ageing Face Treatments With Plasma Blast At Helen Taylor Skin Clinic In Rugby, Warwickshire

With results rivalling cosmetic surgery procedures, Plasma Blast skin regeneration is described as ‘a non-surgical facelift’. The reason for that is simple - with this treatment, there’s no need to go under the knife yet the results (particularly on hooded eyelids) are quite remarkable.

For those younger-looking skin, target eyebags  or hooded eyelids, or repair scars – Plasma Blast Skin Tightening offers a highly effective solution - and it’s completely scalpel-free.

What To Expect During A Plasma Blast Anti-Ageing Treatment

After having the area to be treated numbed with the anaesthetic cream, the only thing you need to do is lie back and let the tightening begin. 

The plasma gun, also known as a Plasma Pen, emits an electrically charged gas that shocks the skin and causes it to contract. This offers an INSTANT TIGHTENING EFFECT, and results become even better in the 5-7 days that follow. You should only feel a warm sensation as the Plasma Blast works its magic on you. 

Some of the areas that Plasma Pen Blast Anti-Ageing is great for:

✓ getting rid of hooded eyelids

✓ getting rid of eye bags

✓ erasing fine lines and wrinkles

✓ improving the appearance of crow's feet around the eyes

✓ tightening loose skin

✓ diminishing smoker's lines around the mouth.

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The most popular choice when opting for the Plasma Blast treatment is to treat hooded eyelids, and plasma skin tightening delivers similar results to surgical eye lifts (or blepharoplasty) - so you can see why the thought of opting for this procedure is preferable to surgery. 

Suitable for all ages and most skin tones, Plasma Blast is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion.

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What To Expect After the Plasma Blast Skin Tightening Treatment 

Following the procedure, skin may feel a little sensitive (think mild sunburn) and there may be some swelling for the first couple of days. Dry spots – which can easily be covered with make-up – may also develop, before crusting over and flaking off within a week.

Results last for a long time - basically, you will only need to repeat this proceedure as your skin naturally ages. 

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The Results Of a Plasma Blast Anti-Ageing Treatment At Our Aesthetics Clinic in Rugby, Warwickshire

Check out our video of our client Vicky who has seen amazing anti-ageing results after her Plasma Blast skin-tightening.  Vicky had treatments using a Plasma Pen to her forehead wrinkles, lines around the mouth, crow’s feet and a hooded right eyelid.

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