Have you ever wondered what PRP is? It stands for Platelet-rich Plasma and it’s a substance which, when injected into the skin, is used to promote healing. Containing special proteins that help your blood to clot, plasma is a component of your blood which we use to great effect in this results-focused treatment.

  • For many years, researchers have produced PRP by isolating plasma from blood, before concentrating it. But what’s the idea behind this treatment – and how does it work? Injecting PRP into damaged tissues helps stimulate your body to grow new, healthier cells. What this does is promote healing, which may make lined or wrinkled skin look fresher or brighter.

  • If you’re considering our PRP treatment here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics, you may be wondering what to expect. Drawing a sample of your blood, a highly-skilled aesthetician will place it into a centrifuge – a machine which spins swiftly in a bid to cause the blood components to separate.

    Now, taking the separated plasma, your aesthetician will inject it into the desired area. Promoting a brighter, smoother complexion, PRP is a popular treatment at our clinic and one which is minimally invasive.

  • PRP injections are intended to promote healing or growth, which means you could see an immediate difference in your skin following your treatment. The results may last and last, though, with more improvements being seen several weeks or months following your appointment with us.

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