PRP Vampire Facials At The Helen Taylor Clinic in Rugby

PRP Vampire Therapy Facials, Top Skin Clinic in Rugby, WarwickshireNot as scary as it sounds, PRP (platelet rich plasma) or ‘the vampire facial’ is a natural way of stimulating skin repair. 

Ideal for anyone who wants softer, fresher, smoother, and younger looking skin, PRP involves taking a small sample of your blood and then extracting your plasma using a centrifuge.

Your plasma is then injected into your skin to stimulate and promote your body’s own natural healing response. Over the next 2-4 weeks results will become visible as fine lines and wrinkles are filled, and the skin looks brighter and firmer. 

PRP is a great treatment for under the eyes, the lower cheeks, crow’s feet and mouth lines. 

This is a treatment loved by celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Keira Maguire, so if you are interested in finding out more, please book in for a consultation.

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Anti Ageing Treatments in Rugby, Warwickshire

PRP is one of the most sought after anti-ageing treatments at our clinic because it offers a minimally invasive and natural result, that is comparible to chemical peels and dermal fillers. It is ideal for anyone who is looking for an anti ageing treatment, and wants younger looking skin but it isn’t just about lines and wrinkles. The vampire facial (PRP) can also help to:

✓reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes 

✓reduce fine lines and wrinkles

✓add lost volume to the face 

✓minimise the appearance of acne scarring

✓give skin a healthy glow

✓hydrate skin. 

What To Expect: PRP Treatments At Top Clinic In Rugby

Lie back and relax as we will take a small sample of your blood. This is then ‘spun’ in a machine called a centrifuge, which separates the plasma. Plasma is the ‘liquid gold’ in your blood, if you like, it contains all of the healing and repairing compounds, and when this is injected back into your skin, it stimulates a repairing and restructuring response.

In other words, your body repairs itself by using your own material! Totally natural and safe, and minimally invasive as the injections that push the Platelet Rich Plasma into your skin are small and this procedure should be relatively painless. Nothing as scary as a vampire bite!

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