What Is Skin Pigmentation? Your Questions, Answered

When we’re confident in our appearance, it has a huge effect on our overall happiness. Anything from a bad hair day to misshapen eyebrows can seriously impact on how we look and feel.

One of the most common issues that affects my clients’ confidence is pigmentation. This aesthetic issue is less talked about than many others, and I thought it was time to break down the stigma of this issue, which is also referred to as dark spots, age spots or sun spots.

The Skin I Live In

Pigmentation takes place when the natural colour of the skin becomes lighter or darker in uneven patches on the face, neck, hands, shoulders, lips or décolletage. Trauma or hereditary diseases such as vitiligo (the loss of skin colour) are common causes.

Melasma is a common form of pigmentation. You may be suffering from melasma if you have brown patches on your face that are more apparent in the summer months.

Hormone fluctuations during pregnancy, the contraceptive pill and prolonged exposure to sunlight have also been listed as possible causes.

hyper pigmentation
hyper pigmentation

Here Comes The Sun

You might be wondering whether ageing is also a factor. The answer is yes. Age spots – also known as lentigo or liver spots – are another common complaint regarding those concerned about pigmentation.

When patients have had their skin exposed to the sun over many years, they may also struggle with sunspots and sunburn freckles. Overexposure to the sun can also cause premature ageing and bring with it the range of skin problems.

The most common pigmentation issues typically fall into two categories.

Hyper-Pigmentation is usually a result of trauma when patients will see their skin become darker. This condition occurs due to an over-production of melanin from cells that have been damaged.

In contrast, Hypo-Pigmentation occurs when skin becomes lighter with white patches.

A Combination of Treatments

I use a combination of advanced aesthetic options to treat pigmentation. My laser and mesotherapy techniques work together to encourage production of the skin’s natural pigmentation in the affected areas.

Therapies also work to reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes whilst encouraging skin cell renewal.

While Hypo-Pigmentation is typically more difficult to deal with, when treatment is successful my clients enjoy smooth, radiant and rejuvenated skin with an even, flawless tone.

The laser treatment stimulates production of collagen and healthy circulation. It also promotes a healthy healing and metabolic process, helping to hydrate the skin from within.

medical illustration of vitiligo
Medical illustration of vitiligo

A Safe Place To Talk

My advanced aesthetics can also be used for patients with birthmarks. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the location, size and texture of the individual scar. I offer free initial consultations to every client where you can discuss exactly what you wish to gain from your treatment.

This gives you a friendly, safe environment in which to ask any questions and address any concerns about your health and your potential treatment.

I will detail the best course of treatment for you and explain what will be involved. All of my appointments and advanced aesthetic courses take place in a modern facility. I using leading industry techniques for your comfort and peace of mind.

Treatment is minimally invasive and you can expect just a mild discomfort. Skin may appear red and inflamed immediately after treatment, but this will fade within a few days.

skin without pigmentation
Skin without pigmentation

Smooth Operator

Most of my clients will require a course of treatment with a number of appointments over a few weeks. However, this entirely depends on the individual situation and many see visible results after just one or two appointments.

If you’d like a more even skin tone and healthier looking skin, give me a call today. I’d love to meet you and talk more about how I can help boost your appearance for a happier, healthier you.