Vitamin Drip

Try as we might, it can be a challenge to obtain all our essential vitamins and nutrients via food alone. With intolerances, processed ingredients and meals and the cost factor of nutritious food to contend with, eating well – and eating the right foods for our body – may seem a constant battle.

  • So, what if you could receive much-needed vitamins and minerals via an injection treatment known as IV Therapy? Now you can – thanks to a specially-formulated vitamin drip, which offers optimum absorption and the nutrients you’re lacking delivered direct to the bloodstream.

    Who needs IV therapy?  Anyone can benefit from this revolutionary treatment, from those with malabsorption, anyone on a highly-restricted diet, or people on medications which may stop them receiving the nutrients they require for optimum health.

    Plus, have you considered that constant exposure to toxins may deplete any nutrients you consume? Meanwhile, alcoholics – due to the excessive destruction or excretion of vitamins, as a result of increased urination – will struggle to obtain and maintain the right cocktail of vitamins.

    You can even have your nutrient levels tested – and remedied – in order to prevent a chronic disease.

  • IV Therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all-approach – and there’s a range of ‘vitamin cocktails’ to suit your needs.

    Here are just some of them:

    Myer’s Cocktail

    An intravenous infusion containing magnesium, B vitamin complex and vitamin C, it’s used to enhance the immune system, improve fatigue and migraines, and reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia, allergies and asthma.

    Bespoke Anti-Ageing Infusion

    With immune-boosting properties, this bespoke anti-ageing infusion consists of amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals and vitamins that work on a cellular level. For an energy surge, skin rejuvenation, hair and nail strengthening and the detoxification of heavy metals, this infusion can be hugely beneficial.

    Metabolic Boost and Weight Management Infusion

    A strong blend of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and L-carnitine, this infusion can kickstart your metabolism to give you a boost when it comes to managing your weight. If previous weight loss methods haven’t worked for you, this could be just the tonic you’re looking for.

    Optimum Glow Infusion

    Bursting with Biotin, B complex and powerful antioxidants like glutathione and vitamin C, this infusion will promote healthier skin and hair for a more confident you – and who wouldn’t want to look their best every day?

    The Alpha Male Infusion

    For men with a low libido, the Alpha Male infusion is designed to boost sexual function and improve testosterone levels. Including L-Arginine, ornithine, taurine and zinc, this libido-boosting tonic should leave you feeling great.

    The Sports Recovery Infusion

    Packed with amino acids for swift muscle recovery, this infusion is made for patients who exercise regularly. It contains ingredients including taurine, glutamine, lysine and carnosine and will give you the boost you need for physical activity.

    The Mitochondrial Regeneration Infusion

    For strong mitochondrial support, choose this regenerating infusion. WithCoQ10, Carnitine, BComplex, Zinc, Selenium, and more, it could be the vitamin drip you’re looking for to boost your health.

  • The results of our vitamin drips are largely depending on the infusion you opt for, with everything from improved energy levels, boosted libido and better hair, skin and nails for the taking. Ready to hear more? Get in touch today or book your no-obligation consultation.