Zionic – Radio Frequency Body Contouring

Zionic Rollactive Radio Frequency Treatment at Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in Rugby

We are delighted to welcome a fantastic new body contouring treatment at our aesthetics clinic in Rugby, Zionic Rollactive RF.

Zionic is the first device that combines deep active rotational massage with resistive radiofrequency to deliver rapid results and maximum effectiveness in treatment of cellulite, skin tightening, body contouring and remodelling.

Zionic promotes the acceleration of the production of both collagen and elastin, increasing metabolism of fat cells and compaction of adipose tissue. Zionic promotes the excretion of toxins and waste products by activating the lymphatic system and achieves an improvement in the formation of blood vessels.

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Which Concerns Can Zionic Rollactive RF Help With?

Zionic Rollactive Radio Frequency Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in RugbyZionic can be used to improve the appearance of your shape and skin in a number of ways. The most common uses of Zionic are :

✓ Fat Reduction
✓  Toning the skin
✓ Firming
✓  Improve the appearance of cellulite
✓  Remodelling

Which Areas Can Be Treated With Zionic Rollactive RF?

This revolutionary device can be used to address many areas of concern including:

✓ Abdomen
✓  Obliques
✓  Thighs
✓  Buttocks
✓  Abductor muscles
✓  Arms
✓  Back

What Are The Benefits Of a Zionic Rollactive RF Treatment?

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the combination of rotational massage with resistive radiofrequency guarantees results in body remodelling, reducing the appearance of cellulite and even improves lymphatic circulation. The treatment can be adapted to your individual needs.

The exclusive rotational massage system provides a safe and effective treatment that stimulates the muscle and dermal tissue at a deep level, activating the physiological tissue-healing processes.

The combination of rotational massage and RF ensures and exponentially enhances the results obtained in the different treatments.

Zionic Radio Frequency Results

The results of this treatment are fantastic, as seen below. Please note that results will vary from client to client. 

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